Biography of Arthur Ashe

Biography of Arthur Ashe

Arthur Esch – tennis player, was born on July 10, 1943 in the city of Richmond, Virginia. Best known as the first black man to win the US championship.

In the biography of Arthur Ash, the stellar period was the 1960s and 1970s. Sometimes the athlete is called an African American pioneer, because he was the first black, who won the US Championship, as well as Wimbledon. In addition, Ash won many other victories in his career. In addition, he became the first African American in the US team at the Davis Championship in 1963.

Ash played tennis at the University of California, Los Angeles, becoming also a national student champion in 1965. He won three top tennis tournaments: the US Championship, Australia, Wimbledon. In 1980, Ash left the sport, and in 1985 the athlete was elected to the National Tennis Hall of Fame.

In 1988, Arthur discovered AIDS. Most likely, the infection with HIV occurred during a blood transfusion, when in 1983 he was operated on the heart. Ash organized a press conference for the public in 1992, and died the following year.

Additional information: From 1966 to 1968, Arthur served in the US Army, receiving the rank of second lieutenant. A three-volume work by Arthur on African American athletes “A Hard Road To Glory” was published in 1988. In addition, in the biography of Arthur Ashe, another book was written: “Days of Grace: A Memoir”, published in 1993. The main court of the National Tennis Center was named Arthur Ash stadium. Sometimes he is compared to another tennis star who broke racial prejudice, Althea Gibson.

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Biography of Arthur Ashe