Biography of Anna Rudneva

Biography of Anna Rudneva

Anya Olegovna Rudneva – guitarist of the band “Ranetki”, an actress.

Anya was born in Moscow on January 11, 1990. The fascination with music in the biography of Ani Rudneva manifested itself in her childhood. Then she, not knowing which tool to choose, tried herself in the game of the violin, piano. But still the love of the guitar took over, and for a while her Ranka Anya Rudneva dedicated her studies to music school. There, Anyuta learned the basics, and later honed the skill of playing the classical guitar.

When Ana was 15 years old, the Ranetki group was organized. Then a little later Lena Tretyakova joined Zhenya Ogurtsova, Natasha Schelkova and Lera Kozlova. Despite the young age, the girls played virtuoso on musical instruments. And touching texts about love could not leave listeners indifferent. In the group, Anya plays rhythm guitar, and is also a back-vocalist. In addition, in the band Ranetki, Ani Rudneva’s biography is known as one of the songwriters. Most often the girl is inspired by high feelings.

The group soon gained popularity, became a laureate of “Eurosonic 2008”, “Five Stars”. In 2008, the first season of the series “Ranetki” was released. In the biography of Ani Rudneva he became a real breakthrough. The girl was already on the set receiving lessons in acting. I approached the case seriously, so the audience liked the image of Ani in the series – a touching, vulnerable, tender girl and a creative personality.

Higher education “Ranetka” Anya Rudneva receives in the Moscow State Institute of Culture and Arts. There she studies in the specialty “Producing” together with other members of the group.

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Biography of Anna Rudneva