Biography of Alexander Nezlobin

Alexander Nezlobin – humorist, participant of the project “Сomedy Club”.

Alexander was born in a small town Polevskoye in the Urals, as repeatedly told in his speeches in the Сomedy Club. Already in his childhood Nezlobin’s biography showed the ability to surprise people and the desire to be in the center of attention of others. The boy dreamed of “becoming the CPSU,” to be president.

In the 11th form of school I began to participate in the local KVN. Alexander’s parents were against the actor’s career. For this reason, in his biography Alexander Nezlobin entered the Urals State Economic University. There, Alexander specialized in banking. While...

studying continued to play in KVN. Even managed to work in the bank. But not for long – just a few weeks. Retired at will.

When the movement of the Сomedy Club began to develop in all regions of the country, Nezlobin began to play in the Ural branch. But soon began to perform in Moscow, in the main part of the residents of the Сomedy Club. So began the star period in the biography of Alexander Nezlobin. His jokes – on everyday topics, in a new way revealing the nature, habits of people. Nezlobin often performs along with Igor Miereson in the duet “Butterflies”.

Biography of Alexander Nezlobin