Biography of Alexander Arkhipenko

Biography of Alexander Arkhipenko

Alexander Arkhipenko is a Ukrainian-American sculptor, was born in Kiev.

In 1906, he moved to Moscow, and in 1908 – to Paris. There in the biography of Arkhipenko was laid the beginning of the development of his cubic technique in sculpture.

In 1910 Alexander opened his own art school in Paris. In 1921, he moved to Berlin, where he also founded a school. And finally, in 1923 Arkhipenko emigrated to America, to New York. There he founded the school for the third time in his career.

In 1912, in the biography of Alexander Archipenko was presented a new technique of sculpture painting, designed in an attempt to combine the form and color together. Nevertheless, Archipenko’s main contribution to the art of the 20th century is that he worked on contradictory forms. He realized the aesthetic value of emptiness. Archipenko is known for its devastated forms with punched holes as an addition to convex masses. This sculptural trend was reflected in the following sculptures: marble “Madonna”, bronze “Woman Combing Her Hair”.

Archipenko also worked on carved plastic, luminous from the inside. His figures close to abstraction brought the author international fame. Among them are “Torso in Space”, “Walking Girl”, “White Torso”. Biography of Alexander Arkhipenko was also an engineer, a potter, a teacher.

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Biography of Alexander Arkhipenko