Biography of Margaret Court

Margaret Smith-Court is a tennis player, ordained to the clergy. Born July 16, 1942 in the city of Albury, Australia. Biography Margaret Smith-Court is known as the Australian winner of the women’s “Grand Slam”.

During the 1960s, Margaret was a leading sportswoman among other tennis players. Under the name of Margaret Smith, she performed at the Wimbledon competitions in 1962. The undisputed favorite lost to Billy Jean Moffit. The following year, Margaret returned, winning these competitions.

She left the sport in 1966, married and devoted herself to the family. However, in 1970 I returned to tennis. In the same year, Margaret Smith-Court won the “Grand Slam”, winning the US Championship, Wimbledon, the championships of France and Austria. In total she won 62 wins at the most important competitions in tennis. This is the highest figure in the history of this sport.

In 1991, Margaret was ordained a Christian cleric. She founded the Victory Life church in Perth, Australia. In 1979, Margaret was elected to the National Tennis Hall of Fame.

Additional information: Each year Margaret Smith Court, from 1960 to 1966, the athlete won the Australian Championship. In total, Margaret won 11 victories, the last – in 1973. Her record of 62 main ranks entered insuperable in the 21st century. Other outstanding tennis players who conquered the “Grand Slam” in one year were Maureen Connolly, Steffi Graf.

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Biography of Margaret Court