Biography of Abai Kunanbayev

Abai Kunanbayev is a Kazakh writer, poet, composer, public figure.

Ibrahim was born on July 29, 1845 in Kazakhstan in the aristocratic family of the feudal lord. The nickname Abai in the biography of Kunanbayev was received as a child from his mother.

He received a good education – he studied at the Semipalatensky madrasah, as well as at the Russian school. Kunanbayev, from his youthful years, was fond of literature, as well as the work of Oriental scholars. A lot of forces in his biography Abai Kunanbaev attached to the rapprochement of Russian and Kazakh cultures. He appealed to his people to learn Russian.

Among the poems of Kunanbayev, an important...

place is played by the struggle with social injustice. Also, the biography of the poet Abai Kunanbayev is known as an innovator in poetry. It was Kunanbaev who became the first poet among the Kazakhs, who used six-stage and eight-stage. Abai wrote several poems, more than one and a half hundred poems, performed more than 50 translations. Among the most famous works of the writer is the poem “The Black Word”. Also in the life of Kunanbayev, he showed an extraordinary musical talent – he became the author of several popular melodies. The great writer and figure died on June 23, 1904, depressed by the death of two sons.

Biography of Abai Kunanbayev