Biography Janet Guthrie

Biography Janet Guthrie

Janet Guthrie – avtogonschitsa, was born on March 7, 1938 in Iowa City, Iowa. Most known as the first woman to compete in Indy for 500 miles.

Biography Janet Guthrie is glorified by the fact that the woman for the first time in history took part in motor racing in the Indianapolis 500 and Dayton 500. Guthrie graduated in 1960 from the University of Michigan with a bachelor’s degree in physics. A bit reckless, she started racing in the Jaguar. At the same time, she worked as an aerospace engineer.

By 1970, Guthrie devoted all her time to racing. Roll Wolstedt drew her attention to her, accompanied her further participation in the Indy 500 race – the most prestigious auto racing in America.

Mechanical problems with the car stopped her leadership in the race, but Guthrie returned to the Indy 500 competition in 1978, finishing ninth. Guthrie also participated in the races on the serial machines in Dayton 500, taking 12th place there. Biography Janet Guthrie as a car racer ended in 1983, when the athlete ceased to participate in competitions. Her autobiography “A Life at Full Throttle” was published in 2005.

Additional information: the first race of Janet Guthrie to Indy 500 occurred on May 29, 1977. She also participated in the 500 Indy 500 in 1979, finishing 34. Gutri’s fifth place in the 1978 race was the highest rider figure in the Indy 500 competition until 2005. Then Danik’s newcomer Patrick took fourth place. According to data from her official website, Janet Guthrie attended a girls’ school for Miss Harris in Florida.

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Biography Janet Guthrie