Summary of “New Eloise”

Having met Yulia’s father in society, he tries to convince him that marriage ties with the unknown, but talented and noble Saint-Pre do not infringe on the noble family of the Ethanj family. However, the baron is adamant; moreover, he forbids his daughter from seeing Saint-Pre. In order to avoid a scandal, Sir Edward takes his friend on a journey, without even letting him say goodbye to Julia.

Bomston is outraged: the immaculate bonds of love are created by nature itself, and one should not sacrifice them to social prejudices. “For the sake of universal justice, such excess of power should be uprooted, it is the duty of every person to oppose violence, to promote order.” And if it depended on me to unite our lovers, against the will of the foolish old man, I would, of course, complete the predestination from above, without regard for the opinion of the world ” “he writes to Claret.

Saint-Pre in desperation; Julia in confusion. She is jealous

of Clara: her feelings for Mr Orb are calm and even, and her father is not going to resist the choice of her daughter.

St. Pré parted with Sir Edward and went to Paris. From there he sends Julia a lengthy description of the mores of Parisian light, far from serving the honor of the latter. Having succumbed to the general pursuit of pleasure, Saint-Pre changes Julia and writes her a penitential letter. Julia forgives the beloved, but warns him: it is easy to step into the path of debauchery, but it is impossible to leave it.

Unexpectedly, Julia’s mother discovers her daughter’s correspondence with her lover. The good lady of Ethanj has nothing against Saint-Pre, but knowing that Julia’s father will never give his consent to the marriage of a daughter with a “homeless vagabond”, she is tormented with remorse that she could not save her daughter, and soon dies. Julia, considering herself guilty of the death of her mother, submissively agrees to become Wolmar’s wife. “It is time to give up the mistakes of youth and from deceptive hopes, I will never belong to you,” she tells Saint-Pre. “Oh love, can you avenge you for the loss of your loved ones!” exclaims Saint-Pre in a woeful letter to Clara, who became Madame d’Orb.

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Summary of “New Eloise”