Biography Casey Stengel

Casey Stengel is an American baseball player and manager, was born in Kansas City, Missouri.

In the biography of Casey Stengel, professional baseball games began in 1910. From 1912 to 1925 he played for clubs Brooklyn, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, New York, Boston National League. Here, in the main league, he scored average points in the batting 0.284.

After 1925, the athlete began to manage baseball teams in the American Association, the Pacific Coast League. In 1949, he became manager of the...

New York Yankees American League. Under his able leadership, the team won ten championships, won seven times the title of world champion.

Colorful “Perfesser” kept an impressive record for managing the team thanks to five consecutive conquests of the world title. In the biography of Casey Stengel, the oratory was especially noted. From 1962 to 1965, an outstanding athlete ran the New York Mets national league team. In 1966, Stengel was elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Biography Casey Stengel