Short summary “Quiet morning” Kazakova

Short summary “Quiet morning” Kazakova

When we think of good stories, Chekhov, Turgenev, Bunin come to mind more often. But a mistake would be to think that, for example, in the second half of the 20th century there is no worthy representative of this genre. We bring to the attention of the reader a work (short summary) of Kazakova’s “Quiet Morning.” Yuri Pavlovich is a wonderful Soviet prose writer.

The opposition of the city and village in the face of the main characters: Yashka and Volodka

As you know, a fertile topic. In general, there is no jaded topics in literature (this is not science), here the main thing is execution. Here is the short story (short summary) of Kazakov’s “Quiet Morning” that tells about this. It all begins with the breathtakingly atmospheric and truthful

descriptions of a typical rural morning.

One of the main characters – Yashka is going to go fishing. All as a textbook: got up early, dug up worms and went for his companion Volodka. Here I must say that Yashka was a rural boy, and Volodka, on the contrary, was a Muscovite.

They met. Yashka is cheerful and fresh, although he rose earlier than Volodka, and that one was sleepy and with a “motionless” face. While they were going to the river, the boys exchanged bites, or rather, not even so: Yashka attacked, and Volodka languidly fought back.

Yashka mocked how his partner in fishing prepared for a responsible event: not the clothes, not the gait, or the inspiration, etc. What to say, one word is urban.

The reader can reasonably ask, but not too much space is given in the article with the theme “Kazakova’s short work” A quiet morning “of boys squabbling? Dear reader, in fact, not too serious a conflict of the guys is important for intrigue and subsequent culmination, so get yourself patience.

Deep place. Bream

The guys chose the place for a long time. Rather, so Yashka pointed out exactly the most “bread” place. Unfortunately, it turned out to be quite deep. But the guys did not plan to swim, but for the fish the depth is the most. What kind

of fish can you catch in shallow water? From this moment the plot of the story is gaining momentum and becomes extremely exciting. We remind you that in the focus of our attention the composition (short content) of Kazakova “Quiet morning”.

There is fishing. The guys are trying to catch the prey. Yashka, of course, is slightly better, Volodka is a little worse. But the village boy misses his first fish, that it upsets him. Still would! He does not want to hit the dirt in front of the city.

And yet in this duel, the village celebrated the victory over the city – Yashka caught Leshcha. The boys had no time to rejoice at their common luck, as Volodka also barked. And such impressive that the fishing rod did not obey the fisherman.

Yashka was distracted by his prey and did not see how the fish dragged his friend to the depths (and maybe the boy himself slipped on the wet river sand and moved into the water). Yashka turned to the spot where Volodka was supposed to stand, but his partner was no longer there. His head almost disappeared under the water (the place was deep). Unexpectedly, the story written by Yu. Kazakov (“Quiet morning”: the brief content and analysis are of direct interest to us), becomes alarming and tragic and I very much want the boy to survive.

Fright and heroism of Yashka

At first the hero, standing on land, was frightened and rushed all the way to the village. But suddenly I realized that such a journey would be fatal for Volodka, it would cost a friend of life. So Yashka returned and tried to pull out his comrade, but he, like any drowned man, began to pull the savior to the bottom. Yashka considered that they alone would say goodbye to life, this sometimes happens in similar situations.

Unlocking Volodka’s hands, Yashka got to the shore, then turned around, and Volodka completely disappeared under the water. And then the hero decides to make another attempt. He dives and sees that his friend’s leg is wrapped in seaweed. Yashka freed his friend’s limb and this time he pulled him out onto the shore, then he rendered first aid, evidently obeying some intuitive impulse. Volodka began to spit out and expel water from himself. When a friend came to himself, Yashka burst into tears. We think it’s unnecessary to say why. Then the guys cried the two together, not embarrassed by their tears, because on that day they were actually born again.

This ends Yu. P. Kazakov’s “Quiet Morning.” The summary continues and includes the answer to another important question.

True friendship, she is such, contradictory

Now, we think, the reader understands why the boys’ way to the river was described in such detail. Yes, Yashka sees the shortcomings of his friend, he soberly assesses him, but despite this, the boy risked his life for the sake of a friend, he did not abandon him to die in the river, did not give up.

A true friend, he is just like that. The most reliable is not one who constantly compliments you, admires your mind, but one who at the right time will put your shoulder to it. It is necessary to judge a person not by words and not even by thoughts, but only by deeds. And we are sure that Volodka and Yashka are now friends forever.

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Short summary “Quiet morning” Kazakova