“Hunting for sheep” by Murakami in brief

From this book, the author’s success in Russia began. The protagonist – matured hippies in the small advertising business. His wife left him. Suddenly, he is summoned to a powerful advertising concern and is asked to explain where he got the photograph of one strange sheep. It turns out that this sheep – a kind of psychic monster, instilled in the mind of man, so that his hands to implement a certain plan. The sheep’s former keeper was the group’s creator, but she left him and now he’s dying. The faithful secretary is ready to do anything to restore the spirit.

The hero, accompanied by a girlfriend with extrasensory abilities, goes on a quest to the Japanese province. He settles in the zachuhannom hotel “Dolphin” and gets acquainted with the father of the owner, in the brain of which for the first time and the sheep settled. This glorious event happened in Mongolia, during the Japanese occupation of China. Here Murakami draws a parallel with the Mongolian guardian spirits, and, personally – with the spirit of Genghis Khan.

The hero goes to the friend’s house, but the Rat is already dead and is in the form of a spirit. He says that the sheep has moved into it, wishing to make its new instrument of achieving world domination. Not wanting her to completely enslave his will, Rat committed suicide.

The hero returns home. He lost a friend and lover.

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“Hunting for sheep” by Murakami in brief