“Suzge” Ershov in the summary

Kuchum lives in the world, and he owns all of the Siberian land, works: he writes royal orders, collects tribute, he does not pay anyone. Rich very king Kuchum, he has plenty of everything: both precious necklaces and monsters and furs. He has two beautiful wives, one blue-eyed, the other black-eyed, Kuchum loves wives, cherishes, cherishes, refuses nothing.

One day, when the tsar was resting, the black-eyed Suzge came to him and, praising the tsar and the tsarist possessions, asked to build houses on the bank of the Irtysh, build a boat for walking along the Irtysh and come to her two times a week to visit these chambers. Kuchum promised to fulfill everything. And he did. Now the queen lives in the wards on the Irtysh, swims along the river and takes Kuchum on her bed twice a week. The virgins are served by the virgin, guarded by soldiers. But one day she learns from the voivode that foreigners attacked their country, and her husband went to defend his possessions. Every time

she gets more and more cheerless news from the battlefield.

One evening, a beautiful but very gloomy young man came to see her-her brother Makhmet-Kul and told that Kuchum had quickly escaped, and the aliens were now feasting on their land. Mahmet said that his enemies are more afraid of him than Kuchum, and that he immediately goes to defend the remaining lands.

But the queen is coming up with a plan. She offers her brother to declare himself a king and tell everyone that he is now in Suzgun, and when the enemy has imposed Suzgun, come to the defense with the army. And they did.

King Kuchum in the steppes grieved over the lost land, and in his royal chambers feasted Cossacks led by Ermak Timofeevich and remembered the Russian tsar. Ermak tells his soldiers that it’s too early to rest, since they took only Iskar, and now they need to take the whole of Siberia. He sends his commander Groza to Suzgun to take Mahmet-Kul. Cossack named Ring Ermak left in Iskera, he himself went with the soldiers to the king Seydyak.

The next day, all the Cossacks left each other in the early morning. Ermak

blesses everyone to fight.

Suzge sees from the fortress wall that warriors approaching her city, and orders to strengthen the defense. Seven days they are kept under siege. Finally Groza writes a letter to Ermak, in which he talks about the failure and about the fact that they did not see Mahmet, but they think he is in the fortress.

Three days later, a letter from the battlefield of Suzge comes to the conclusion that the Cossacks overcame the troops of his brother, while Makhmet-Kul himself was taken prisoner.

The queen worries and begins to think about what to do next, because the last hope of salvation – brother – is now a prisoner. Suzge asks his voivode, how long they can still hold out in the siege, he answers that he will defend Suzgun to the last drop of blood.

Ermak meanwhile answers Groza that Mahmet is not in the city, but the city is ruled by the queen, and asks Horza to return to Isker, leaving Suzga to her city. He was ashamed that he had struggled with the woman for three weeks, but she did not succeed in it.

Here, Sergeant Major Suzge comes to Groza with a message from the tsarina that they are ready to surrender, provided that all the Tatars are released, they will be given a vessel and no offense will be repaired. Thunderstorm promises to fulfill everything, but only if the queen surrenders to captivity. The sergeant-major got angry and replied that they would never give up their queen. Groza said that if the Tatars suddenly change their minds, let them drop the crescent moon on the tower. The sergeant-major left, and towards evening, Groza saw that the sign had been lowered.

The queen distributes her riches to the servants, releasing them, and distributes the whole treasury to the soldiers.

Letting go of all, the queen does not sleep all night in heavy expectation, she cries, asks for forgiveness from God.

On the morning the Cossacks gladly enter the conquered city. Only Groza is looking for the queen and does not see her. Suddenly she notices her, sitting at the big tree, covered with a veil, waving in the wind. The storm bowed to the queen and promised not to hurt her, but she could not hear the answer. Then he looks in the face of the queen, throws back the veil and retreats in horror:

Mother of God! Is not he dreaming
? There is no life in the face;
The cheeks are pale with pallor,
The blood is pouring from under the clothes,
And in the eyes of the half-closed The
light of God is fading.
“What have you done, queen?” –
shouted loudly the voevoda, Clenching his
hand with his hand.
Suddenly the queen trembled,
She looked at the Storm…
It was not the look of vengeance,
It was – the last look!

After burying the queen “under the slope of fir-trees,” the Cossacks went to Isker.

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“Suzge” Ershov in the summary