Summary “Wuthering Heights” Bronte

Summary “Wuthering Heights” Bronte

Tired of the London bustle and crowded, noisy resorts, Mr. Lockwood decided to spend some time in the country wilderness, away from the turmoil and people. He rented an old landlord’s house, the Mind of Skvortsov. The house stood on the outskirts, surrounded by hilly moors and swamps in the north of England. The owner of Skvortsov, Squire Heathcliff, lived nearby, at the Wuthering Heights Manor, and Mr. Lockwood decided to visit him. Having met with the owner, the guest hesitated: the clothes and exterior of the owner of the estate were not very suitable to each other. He was dressed like a gentleman, but his appearance betrayed a thoroughbred gypsy.

The very house from the inside looked like it was a stern farmer who was not accustomed to comfort, rather than a landowner. In addition to the host in the Wuthering Heights lived a servant Joseph, an old grumbler, and the daughter of the master, Katherine Heathcliff. The girl was young, charming, but sharp and treated all with unconcealed contempt. Together with them in the Pass, lived Hareton Ernsho, whose name was on the table in front of the estate. Besides the fact that he had a rural appearance, nothing could be said about the young man. It was clear only that he was not a servant or the son of Heathcliff. Overpowered by curiosity, Mr. Lockwood asked the housekeeper, Miss Dean, to talk about a strange family living in the Stormwalk. It turned out that the narrator Mr. Lockwood found remarkable, as Mrs. Dean witnessed

the drama that underlies the history of the families of Earnshaw, Linton and Heathcliff.

Originally Erzno lived on the Storm Pass, and the Lintons – on the Mystery of the Starlings. Mr. Ershno had two children-the eldest son, Hindley, and the youngest daughter, Catherine. One day, returning home, Mr. Earnshaw came across an abandoned Gypsy child, who was dying of hunger. He took him to his house, went out and christened him. No one could say for sure whether it was a name or a surname, or even a nickname. Soon it became obvious to everyone that Mr. Earnshaw loves a gypsy woman much more than his own children. The gypsy girl, however, was by no means a good man and harassed Hindley in every possible way, although with his sister Katherine, he was friendly.

When Mr. Earnshaw died, Hindley had lived separately for several years from his father and sister in the city. At the funeral, he came with his wife. After the funeral, the young couple returned to Wuthering Heights and Hindley got a chance to recoup for all the humiliations suffered in his childhood. Heathcliff now lived as a simple worker, Catherine harassed the fierce, stupid Joseph, from whom she was in charge. In this environment, Heathcliff and Catherine especially needed the support of each other, and imperceptibly the children’s strong friendship grew into love. At the Skvortsov Mansion, two teenagers also lived: Edgar and Isabella Linton. They were the complete opposite of their neighbors – noble secular gentlemen. They were educated, educated, and, as is often the case with people of subtle spiritual organization, very nervous and arrogant.

Soon the neighbors met and began to communicate amicably. All except Heathcliff, the orphaned-foundling who became an exile. The last blow to Heathcliff’s pride was that Katherine began spending more and more time with Edgar, neglecting her old friend and occasionally chuckling at him. Heathcliffe vowed to take revenge on the young Linton. And it was not in the nature of this man to throw words into the wind.

After a while, Hindley Earnshaw had a son, who was named Hareton. The mother of the baby fell right after delivery and did not get up any more. Having lost his beloved, Hindley fell down in front of his family – he was not seen at home all day, and in the evenings he appeared, drunk, from the taverns and raged until the very morning, baiting the households to the horror. Catherine and Edgar continued to communicate more and more closely, and one day they decided to get married. Catherine was very hard to make such a decision – inwardly she felt that she was making a mistake; Heathcliff was for her the one without which she did not think her life. However, if Heathcliff was her stone slab for her, her support, her feelings for Edgar were like spring foliage – they are short-lived, but still it is impossible to stop enjoying it.

Learning about the upcoming wedding, Heathcliff disappeared, and for a long time no one saw him. The wedding was played, Edgar Linton called himself the happiest person in the world. The young people settled in the Skvortsov Manor, and everyone around said that they were an exemplary family. One day a stranger came to the Skolorts’ Manor. Heathcliff learned with difficulty. Instead of a rustic village boy, an adult muzhik and a gentleman appeared before them. He never shared with anyone with what his disappearance was related and what he did all these years. For Katherine and Heathcliff, as if there were not many years of separation. They met as bosom friends. And in the soul of Edgar settled anxiety and discontent – he had disliked Heathcliff from his youth. His appearance led his wife out of a state of equilibrium, which he barely recovered. Catherine all this time blamed herself for the possible death of Heathcliff somewhere in unfamiliar places, and his return took the stone off her shoulders. An old friend became even more expensive for her than before.

Despite his displeasure, Edgar was forced to take a guest in his house. Heathcliff was not the most pleasant person in communication: he was harsh and rude, and did not hide the fact that he wants to take revenge not only Hindley Ernsho, but Edgar Linton. Heathcliff blamed Edgar for taking away the meaning of life from him. Catherine, he blamed for the fact that instead of him, a real man, she preferred a nervous, weak aristocrat. These words hurt Catherine’s soul painfully. Heathcliff settled in Grozovoy Pereval, which has already become a hangout for drunkards and gamblers. The last he just did and took advantage: Hindley, who no longer had money, put up a house and an estate as a bet, and lost everything. As a result, he became the owner of the house of the family of Earnshaw, while the legal hamlet – Hareton – was left without anything.

During frequent visits of Heathcliff to the Mystery of the Starlings, Edgar’s sister, Isabella, drew attention to him, and soon she was in love with him. All the surrounding people tried to reach out to her, to make him think about it – to fall in love with a person who does not care about anyone except his old friend of childhood and revenge. However, Heathcliff decided that Isabella would help him carry out his revenge – after all, she was the heiress of the Mystery of the Starlings. One night they escaped, and later drove into the Wuthering Heights, declaring themselves husband and wife. After what was conceived, Heathcliff no longer hid his true motives from the young wife, insulting and humiliating her in every way. The poor thing was left, how silly to tolerate all the bullying. Since the day of his escape from Isabella, Heathcliff has not seen Katherine anymore. But hardly having learned that she is seriously ill and does not get out of bed, immediately appeared in the Starlings. A long conversation took place between them, during which they confessed to each other in tender feelings. This was their last conversation – having given birth, Catherine died. The girl whom Mr. Lockwood saw on Stormstrider Pass, bear the name of his mother.

Hindley, robbed by Heathcliff, died too soon – he got drunk to death. Before this death, Isabella’s patience, which had resignedly humiliated her husband’s humiliation, had burst. She escaped from the estate and settled somewhere near London. There she gave birth to a son, calling him Linton Heathcliff. The next three years, which followed a succession of those tragic events, went relatively peacefully. Wuthering Heights and the Scrooge Manor stopped communication. When Kathy was sixteen she reached Pereval and met Linton Heathcliff and Hareton Earnshaw, who turned out to be her cousins. Hareton long refused to recognize her brother – so rude and ill-mannered he was. With respect to Linton, Cathy repeated her mother’s fate, convincing herself that she loved him. Linton was selfish, and Cathy’s love remained unrequited. At that time, Heathcliff appeared in their lives.

He did not recognize Linton as his son, but in Kathy he saw the image of the one he loved all his life. And Heathcliff decided to marry the children, that after the death of Edgar Linton and Linton Heathcliff, both estates went to Cathy. Heathcliff made the plan, despite the protest of Katie’s dying father. After a few both the old men passed away. And only Heathcliff remained, hating Hareton and unable to cope with Cathy; young widowed Cathy, who has become a capricious and arrogant young lady; and Hareton, a crooked village idiot who was in love with Cathy. This is the end of Mrs. Dean’s story. After that, Mr. Lockwood decided that he had inhaled deeply fresh country air, and returned to London. His plans did not include returning to those wonderful places, but a year later he was in those parts of the passage and could not help visiting my old housekeeper.

This year, much has happened in the life of the heroes. Heathcliff, quite decrepit, died. Before his death, he completely lost his mind and wandered around the neighborhood all night long, looking for Katherine. Cathy changed her anger to mercy and ceded cousin’s awkward courting. They got engaged and were going to play a wedding. Before leaving, Mr. Lockwood went to the cemetery. Nature silently whispered to him that no matter how hard life was for the dead, now they are resting in the best realm.

Summary “Wuthering Heights” Bronte