Than people are alive

Than people are alive? During my seventeen years I never had to think about this question. A person is the only living creature on earth who has the mind and is able not only to understand, but also to comprehend, create and transmit his experience to new generations. He has a unique ability for intelligent thinking, that’s why every person is able to develop his attitude to life. Reflecting on what life is, we involuntarily ask ourselves the question: “What is the meaning of life?”, To which we are looking for an answer.

There are some people who do not even think about the meaning of life, they live without knowing their destinies in life. In regard to these people, you can quote the quotation of Igor Kostolevsky’s movie hero from the film “Nameless Star”, he says that “they just think that they live.” Similarly, philosophers sense of life is not accidentally referred to the fundamental categories of human existence.


person’s thoughts about the meaning of life allow a person to develop the main behavioral rules, which he follows both in everyday affairs and in actions at different levels: in the family, and in communication with friends, and in society as a whole. In many ways, in search of answers and truth helps, of course, art. When we write essays on the paintings of any writers, we learn to reflect not only about ourselves and our feelings, but also about the feelings of other people conveyed by artists through their written pictures.

It is important for every person to think and understand about what a person is given life for, how to dispose of it so that it is not painful later.

Unfortunately, many people believe that life is given in order to live it for yourself and for yourself. But is it possible that a person can feel fully happy by satisfying only himself, his needs, if he will spend all his energy solely on himself? In the end, in his old age, he will feel himself a lonely, useless, abandoned and forgotten person. And what will he be then? Here, for example, the hero of Larra from the story of M.

Gorky “Old Woman Izergil.” Larra is proud, egoistic, egoistic. That’s why at the end of the story he remains an outcast and an unnecessary person. If each of us looks at the world with more widely opened eyes, then each person will see not only their desires, but also the desires of others, will see a lot of interests.

It’s never too late to begin to live in such a way as to give others good: to their relatives, friends, classmates, colleagues at work. Live in accordance with the commandments – this is clearly not enough. You need to live in such a way as to leave behind good deeds and actions that people need. And then we can proudly say that life is lived for good reason, not aimlessly.

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Than people are alive