“Adventure” by Tsvetaeva in short summary

“Adventure” by Tsvetaeva in short summary

Hotel; night; Italy; year of the 1748th. The protagonist – Giacomo Casanova, twenty-three years old, recovered from the IV volume of his own memoirs and supplemented, finished with a woman’s dream about the eternal Casanova, sleeps, dropping female names from her lips. His restless sleep is interrupted by hussar Henri, at first impression – a young, mischievous angel in uniform. Casanova in excitement: “Are you a lender? Are you a thief? You are worse: / You are someone’s husband! No, they are good for the husband. / Why are you here?” Why on the couch / Is this moonbeam gone? ” Dialogue, like moonlight, weaves the whimsical rhythmic patterns. The famous hero-lover from a dream is blind, and the night visitor is forced to open himself: “Henri-Henrietta”

… Casanova flashes a hasty love flame. The frivolous angel drops into the window.

The next evening. Casanova is persistent, Henrietta is evasive, he is enthusiastic, she is gently mocking: “I have never so passionately disliked / I will never love again…” With the help of the talkative modifs, the hussar transforms into a brilliant lady. Quietly creeps into the question: “Who are you?” – “The Secret” … .. Whatever it is, it’s perfection. Performed delicate charms; courtesy of the exquisite courtesy that reigned in the enchanted world of castles and parks; witty, clever; musical as music itself – she conquers all the brilliant guests of an aristocratic Parma villa, where the host-hunchback, an occasional acquaintance, gives a reception in her honor. The orchestra easily drops the pearls of the minuet, silk threads of delicate speeches are casually woven, when suddenly: “To you sent with a letter.” “Seven seals!” / Kazanova / My love,

Last farewell – on the “road collapse”, in the hotel “Libra”. Casanova in anguish begs to stay with him for a little while longer, she is adamant – why? The atmosphere of the mystery is thickening… The ring that he did not take back, she will

throw in the wilderness night, but before that she will draw some quick words on the glass – a note in the future, which Casanova, carried away by despair, will not pay attention… But in fact, why separation is so inevitable? Why should she leave? Who is she, finally? Maybe it came from another century? No wonder she knows the future: “Someday, in old memoirs, / You’ll write them completely gray, / In a god-forgotten castle in a foreign land…” Maybe Henrietta’s lunar mask is Tsvetaeva’s lyrical mask, her dream of herself: Lady hearts, deceived Casanova? “I swear to you that you’ll dream!”

… Thirteen years later, in the same room of the same hotel, Giacomo brings his thousand first girlfriend. She is seventeen years old, she is charming, poor, greedy – to money, sweets, carnal pleasures. He is still Casanova, but already a nominal one: a professional lover that does not break out with a heartfelt fire, but only flashes with a body heat… The moon rises up outside the window, the words scrawled on the glass: “Forget and Henrietta…” I’m blind? ” – an explosion, passion, instantly the former Casanova is filled with the same violent despair. The girl in fear and tears, wants to run. But the passionate storm subsided, Casanova has already returned from the past, already ready to entertain himself again with a thousand first… And the consoled beauty, of course, can not keep her curiosity: “And what are these letters?” – “So – one and only – an adventure.”

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“Adventure” by Tsvetaeva in short summary