The city in which I would like to live

Once, my parents and I walked around the city. After a long heat came a slight coolness. We went to the central city park. But what was our surprise when we saw that the familiar avenues were turned into quarters of the masters. One of the alleys was occupied by the workshops of blacksmiths, the next was chosen by the masters of woodcarving. Their alleys were at the potters, masters of artistic embroidery, cooks, artists. “But this is a real city in the city!” cried my father. He drew our attention to a colorful stand with signs of avenues – the streets of this unusual city. It was called: City of Masters. It turned out that the city authorities thus decided to show us folk crafts. The craftsmen from all over the region came here. So, the masters of artistic forging in front of all forged intricate metal decorations for the fences of houses, verandas, wells. The cadets not only showed their art, but dedicated everyone to the secrets of their craftsmanship. You could

buy the different pottery products made right now and even try to make something out of clay yourself.

We stayed in culinary ranks. And not only because there were a lot of all goodies. Here everyone could bake a pancake. It was enough to take a special scoop in hand, scoop up the dough from the tub and pour it on the hot brazier, and then, having dipped in sour cream, eat a deliciously smelling pancake.

We left the City of Masters not empty-handed. My mother bought a towel embroidered with bright threads, several wooden articles. But most importantly, we were overwhelmed with impressions.

I thought, but what if a number of real streets of our city turned into workshops in the open air, where would their art show folk craftsmen! It would be possible to watch their work right from the window of the house. And decide for yourself what to get carried away, take your free time, and even turn your passion for a profession.

That’s what city I would like to live in.

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The city in which I would like to live