Summary To live until dawn “Bykova

Summary To live until dawn “Bykova

In the novel by V. Bykov “Survive until dawn” before the reader appears the image of the hero, Lieutenant Ivanovsky. The work clearly reveals human responsibility and an adequate understanding of what is happening. As is known, war establishes its laws, accordingly, orders are given by the senior in rank, and for their implementation, the junior officers proceed. So in the work “Survive until dawn,” the truth is the offer comes from the officer himself, who undertakes to carry it out. The great confidence of the hero leads to collapse.

Of course, it is not right to blame Ivanovsky for it. A lot of effort was put on this operation. In the end, for her were given the lives of innocent people, subordinate to Ivanovsky. The writer gives the reader the opportunity

to weigh and think, he subtly hints to the reader that in the death of the hero, no one is guilty, except for himself. Sometimes he even justifies it.

Every person is the master of his life, everyone chooses his own way. Here, and Ivanovsky was characterized by human morality, which forbade him to commit unlawful. Reading the story of V. Bykov “Survive until dawn” the reader understands what the writer’s attitude to the hero. However, the final decision for the reader. Thanks to the image of Ivanovsky, before us the concepts of heroism and heroic man are revealed. Nature also occupies an important place in the work “Survive until dawn.”

The plot, depicted by V. Bykov in the story “Survive until dawn,” is paradoxical. As a rule, heroes are evaluated and characterized according to their actions. The hero of the story – Ivanovsky, the situation finds a rather interesting character. His external actions practically do not correspond to internal ones. The reader realizes that the hero dies senselessly, during life and after his death, he leaves a rather unpleasant imprint.

At this point, the reader is faced with a problem related to the fate of the war and Lieutenant Ivanovsky. The author puts the reader in perplexity: maybe, in some way, the fate of the war depends on the hero’s death?

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Summary To live until dawn “Bykova