Summary “Early Cranes” Aimanov

School in a small Kyrgyz aile. Cold, unheated class. The teacher tells the frozen and chilled children about the warm island of Ceylon, where unprecedented fruits grow, amazing animals and summer all year round. But Sultanmurat’s thoughts are far away. Many inhabitants of ail have already perished, his father is now also at the front and he has not received letters from him for a long time. The boy remembers how they happily spent time. His father took him to town with him, took him to the zoo and circus, and taught him to take care of pets.

Now Sultanmurat remained for the elder in the family, where four children. At all his friends fathers also fought. Thoughts of the boy are occupied not only by memories, but also by dreams of my classmate Myrzagul.

The chairman of the kolkhoz appeals to the students for help. Now, instead of studying, they will have to work on equal terms with adults. Sultanmurat is instructed to prepare horses for plowing. Two knights are familiar

to him – these are his father’s horses.

Sultanmurat becomes the commander of the detachment, sent to plow fields near the remote and deserted Aksakay natural boundary. Now the boy is responsible for people, horses and equipment.

Finally the horses are ready: fattened and cured. Atynay, rivaling Sultanmurat for the attention of the beautiful Myrzagul, flaunts before the girl, prancing on her horse. The horse falls on a steep slope, its joint swells, and the animal begins to limp. Seeing this, the brigadier beats Sultanmurat with whips.

Sultanmurat’s mother is ill, so he and his house have to be for the elder. Fortunately, soon comes the mother’s brother and the boy becomes easier. Around him he sees female tears, but he can not cry.

After leaving the school, Sultanmurat does not see Mirzagul and asks his younger brother to give the girl a letter. He is looking forward to an answer, but Myrzagul is silent and does not react even to the fact that Sultanmurat is due to leave soon. Once, after driving the horses to the watering hole, Sultanmurat sees Myrzagul, who with

her friends comes back from school. How could he not have thought of driving horses a little later and seeing her every day? Finally, Sultanmurat manages to stay with her alone. Myrzagul gives him a handkerchief, which embroidered their names. Sultanmurat understands that his feelings are mutual. Upon learning of this, Atynai rushes to Sultanmurat with his fists.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the collective farm very strictly asks Sultanmurat how he cares for the horses.

The tragic news of the death of Father Atina comes. All ail comes to support the unfortunate family. Sultanmurat wants to give him a handkerchief, which Myrzagul embroidered, but Atynai refuses.

At Aksaka the arable land is heavy. Winter has not yet got its way, the weather is not spring, the main thing is that the horses survive. And suddenly a wedge of early cranes flies over Aksakay. It is a sign to a good harvest. Yearning for Myrzagul, Sultanmurat dreams of finding a crane feather and giving it to her.

Finally, the first field was plowed. At night, in the yurt, where the guys are sleeping, some people come and bind them. These are horse thieves, who take away four horses. The boys manage to free themselves, and Sultanmurat, sitting on his father’s horse, jumps after them. But thieves kill the boy’s horse, and he falls to the ground. Dreams and hopes of Sultanmurat about how he will meet his father riding on his horse, and how Myrzagul admires him when he, having completed a successful arable land, will return home, now will not come true, and the boy weeps bitterly.

The smell of fresh blood comes from a wolf who has not seen meat all winter, and now he has a whole horse in front of him. The wolf approaches close to the boy and freezes before jumping. Sultanmurat stands at the ready, crouching, with a bridle backhand.

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Summary “Early Cranes” Aimanov