Summary “How to be interesting”

Apply cross-pollination. Look for people with hobbies that are different from yours. Take the initiative. Do not postpone for tomorrow.

Offer help. Tell us about the obvious (for you). What you know, for others is often a mystery behind seven seals.

Do not be shy. Invite more often than they invite you. Help strangers. Share what you know. Do not skimp on compliments.

Never lock the door. Leave a place for uninvited guests – you never know who will go to the light. It can be amazing people. You – in one phone call, one letter, one sms, in one exclamation “hello!” from any person.

Do whatever you want

You leave on street. Real life always goes in 3D and in high resolution. It is outside the home walls that amazing people meet and amazing events occur.

Do what you want. Connect others. Connect yourself. Sincerely rejoice yourself. Trust yourself.

Throw out the garbage. Not every business is worth doing. Not every

unpleasant work must be done.

Dig to the truth. Disassemble something into parts and collect it back. Press the buttons. Change the settings. Realize how much all this is interesting.

Find yourself a hero. Protect what you love. Whatever you do, love your job. Take it. Improve yourself in it. Own it.

Accept your oddities

There are no “normal” people in the world. Everyone has his own characteristics and his own views. Do not hide them from others – that’s what makes you an interesting person.

Get rid of the uniform. Leaving the house, remain yourself. Be yourself at work. Wear your personality proudly.

Do not pretend. Not all of you will understand, appreciate and accept, but you do not need to adapt to others. Your unusualness is a valuable thing. Mark of distinction. An occasion for pride.

Be multifaceted. Capitalize your features.

Live meaningfully

Recollect, that touches you for alive. Spend money on the right things. Vote with your purse.

Do not be afraid of the black work. Serve your business seriously. Dive into it

with your head.

Do not be silent. Praise the beautiful and condemn the vile. Strive for the maximum. Feel free to renounce the ordinary in favor of the great. Surprising in life is also not enough, because very few people aspire to it.

Even imperceptible actions matter. Make your order. The most important assignment is the highest priority.

Be Easier

If your arrogance is more noticeable than experience, people will avoid you. Everything you will ever know will be just a microscopic grain of sand compared to a vast, vast universe of information. Let this sobering fact calms you down.

Forget the titles. It is not the title that matters, but the person who wears it. Do not take yourself too seriously.

Ask more. Interesting people are not interested in themselves, but with a variety of things. Stay a student.

Develop pride in others. Accept mistakes. Help everyone you meet.

Impress before impressing. The more you are surprised something, the more your chances to surprise someone. How do you know how to evaluate yourself highly if you have never looked up?

Try new ideas. Do something unusual. Do not let anxiety stop you. Recognize your desires. To deny a dream is to kill her in the bud.

Surprise yourself. Read everything. Eavesdrop on purpose. Watch movies, look at people and clouds.

Overstep your limits. If you have not been somewhere, this does not mean that you will not like it there. If something is not part of your responsibilities, it does not mean that you can not do it. Sign up for volunteers. Take on difficult tasks.

Stop being embarrassed. Sing loudly and fake. Start off skipping along the street. Take part in the competition of amateur dancers.

Get off the wrong track

Do not do things that everyone is already doing, this train left without you. Do something strange.

Do not confuse tradition with the law. If something happens all over the place, it is not necessarily worthy of praise or participation.

Follow your curiosity. Do something special, not ordinary. Become visible. Break the link between stress and success. Create your own fashion.

Take up an unoccupied space. Learn little-known. Revive the forgotten stories. Read the old books. Shake off the dust from the fashion of previous years. Listen to rare music. Exciting things can be found everywhere.

Gather with the spirit

If you have a dream, know that you are the only person who can realize it. Raise the riot. If you suddenly realize that you are working on something meaningless or sterile, immediately become.

Do not be afraid of friction. Security is often dangerous. Be stubborn. Surrender – boring. Fight with absurd customs. Once it was customary to burn witches. Slavery, too, was legalized. What can be corrected in today’s realities?

Set your own time, attention, money, love. Prepare to receive refusals.

If you whine, then constructively. Equip yourself with wit.

Do not pay attention to abuse

If you have unpleasant memories related to certain places, things and even people, release them. Avoid people because of which you feel lousy. Do not belittle yourself. Do not follow the advice of people who do not respect.

Learn from all. You can learn how to not live, the dregs that you face. You can learn how to live, for people you respect and love.

Farewell. Most people, even the most unpleasant, do the best they can do. They may not deserve love and admiration, but, despising them, you harm yourself too.

Do not confuse ridicule and criticism. Trust your talents. Always give us one more chance, especially yourself. While you are alive – you can change something.

Be interesting to leave your mark, but do not glimpse unnoticed.

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Summary “How to be interesting”