“Fire and Sword” by Senkevich in short summary

1647 year. Ukrainian lands that are part of the Commonwealth. Jan Skshetusky – a young handsome officer, a knight without fear and reproach, in the service of Prince Jeremiah Vishnevetsky, the owner of the vast lands on the Left Bank of the Dnieper, rescues the swarthy narrow-eyed giant from the Horde. A brave and arrogant man calls his name: Bogdan Zinoviy Khmelnitsky.

Soon, Skshetusky learns that Khmelnitsky is rambling the Cossacks against the gentry. This is interpreted by old shirts, among which stands the heavy gray-bearded one-eyed pan of Zaglob, a braggart and a joker, ready to drink a whole regiment. In the tavern Yan also gets acquainted with the good-natured and naive Litvin, a lean giant with flabby flaxen eyebrows and powers – Pan Longinus Podbipyatka of Myshikishek, armed with a huge sword Srawiglavets. Litvin confesses to Yan that he vowed to remain in chastity, while following the example of his famous ancestor three basurmans’ heads in one fell

swoop do not cut off. But Longinus is soon forty-five, the heart demands love, the family fades away, and three goals can not be cut off at any time…

A few days later, Sksheusky and Pan Longinus set off for Lubny, the capital of Prince Vishnevetsky, to whom Yang is devoted with all his heart. On the road the detachment encounters a broken cart; next to it there are a manly old woman and a young tall dark-haired beauty with sad black eyes. Seeing the girl, I’m dumb. And the old woman explains it with a bass: she is the widow of Prince Kurtsevich-Bulyga, and the girl is her niece, an orphan, Princess Elena Kurtsevich, who is in charge of her, the old women. Jan and Elena fall in love with each other at first sight – and forever.

Taking them to their mansion Razlog, Ian sees four sons of the old woman-rough, uncouth giants-and the young handsome Bogun, the famous Cossack lieutenant colonel, a desperate daredevil with the soul of an unbridled and reckless, hopelessly in love with Elena. From the old Tatar, Helen’s servant, Jan learns that the estate actually belongs to the girl-that’s

the old woman and promised her to Bogun, hoping to finally take Razlogs to her hands. After all, Bogun, who brought countless treasures from his desperate Crimean raids, does not need a manor. But Elena Boguna hates: he cut a man with her. The blood between them fell and hatred sprouted.

Next morning, Jan asks the old woman for Helen’s hands – otherwise Prince Vyshnevetsky will expel Kurtsevichy from Razlogov. Jan, after getting married, is ready to leave her estate for her. The sons of the old woman rush to Yana with rogatines, but Kurtsevichy, afraid of the prince’s revenge, is forced to promise Sklyuskuyu Elena.

In Lubny, Sksheusky meets joyfully with his best friend, the great fencer, Pan Michal Volodyevsky. This short gentleman with sticking mustache, always unrequitedly in love with someone, quickly becomes sympathetic to the equally sensitive man, Longinus, with whom they walk together to sigh to the shaft. One of the court ladies of Princess Vishnevetska gently glances at the huge Litvin, the charming little coquette Anousa Borzobogataya-Krasenska. Pan Longinus in despair: the vow is not fulfilled, and the temptation is so great!

Prince Vishnevetsky sends Skshetusky to Sich – to find out what is happening there. Driving through the town of Chigirin, Yang sees Bohun, who walks along the shins in an embrace with Pano Zaglob. Bogun wants Got to adopt him and make it through a nobleman. Then the Cossack would be easier to marry Elena. The gaze is trying to get along with the Cossacks – suddenly they will prevail? After all, everyone knows that the Cossacks are preparing a campaign against the “Lakhs” and Khmelnytsky has already asked for help from the Crimean Khan.

On the way to the squad Sshetuskogo attack the Cossacks and Tatars and after a fierce battle take the wounded Yana prisoner. The Cossacks demand the death of an “angry Lyah,” but Khmelnitsky recognizes his rescuer in prison and releases him to freedom. However, he angrily denounces Khmelnitsky, who “raises his own grievances and private strife for the sake of such a terrible storm.” Angry Khmelnytsky accuses the Polish magnates, who dishonorably oppress the Ukrainian people.

The next day the Zaporozhye army comes out of Sich. In the Cossack convoy they carry the squandered Skshetusky. He is terrified in half-forgotten: his fatherland is in danger, he does not hurry to save her! Soon “the bloodied Rzeczpospolita is already lying in the dust at the feet of the Cossack”. Khmelnitsky finally sent Skshetusky to Lubny: let him tell Prince Vishnevetsky how strong the Cossacks are.

Jan hurries to Razlogi – and in horror sees the place of the estate ashes. And what happened here is this: the sixteen-year-old Redzyan, the servant of Skshetusky and the rogue of the rogues, whom Ian, who had not yet reached Sech, sent with a letter to Kurtsevichy, ordering her and Elena immediately to take refuge in Lubny, landed in Bogun’s hands. Taking the letter from the boy, Bogun learns that Elena is maiden for Sksheuskogo, and rushes with the Cossacks to Razlog. Bohun was distraught with jealousy and resentment: he served Kurtsevich, like a dog, he shared his booty – and the nobleman appeared and the soul was torn from the Cossack!

Together with Bohun goes a gloomy gape. Although he is the first balamut, he cares very much about his skin – and understands: if Bohun takes the bride of the prince’s favorite Sklyuskusky, then he, Zaglob, who is involved in this story, does not take his head off.

In Razlog Bogun kills two sons of an old woman and he himself receives a wound. The Cossacks are straightening out with Kurtsevichy and all the servants. The breeze, bandaging the weakened ataman, imperceptibly screws him to the bed and, making sure that the Cossacks were drunk, declares to Bogun: do not see him, ham, gentry! And then runs with Elena from the estate.

But where to hide? There is slaughter and blood everywhere. After dressing up as a wandering musician, Zaglob and Elena are transferred to the “Cossack” bank of the Dnieper. And the peasants in the meantime burn Razlogs, vengeance Kurtsevich for violent harassment. In the fire, the eldest son of the old woman, the blissful blind man Vasil, perishes.

Having learned that Bohun is desperately seeking someone, Sksheuskiy understands: Elena managed to escape. The priest Mukhovetsky instructs Yana: “It is more unfortunate for your own misfortune than for the homeland to grieve!” And Ian goes headlong into business. Finally he meets with Zaglob and hears from him that Elena is in an unapproachable Bar, with nuns. Then Zaglob tells how they fell with Elena in Khmelnytsky’s camp, how Khmelnitsky sent him, Zaglob, to spy on Podillia and gave his mace instead of a letter of protection. So he managed to take Zaglob Elena to the Bar, and even fed him on the way.

To Sksheuskuyu is finally his servant Redzyan. All this time he had to take care of the wounded Bogun. Ataman generously rewarded the young man – and he took: what to leave the robber? Although Bogan’s manner is noble.

Skshetusky is going to the Bar – get married. And then the terrible news comes: The bar is taken, all the inhabitants are dead! Friends are afraid, as if Skshetusky with grief mind did not move. Jan, with a petrified face, calmly and zealously carries service. After the war, he decided to go to the monastery.

Bohun, along with the witch Gorpina, a hefty maid, is carrying a sleepy potion to Helen in the Devil’s Yard, Gorpinin Farm, where no one can find a beautiful woman. In the Bar, Bogun was the first to break into the monastery to protect Elena from a drunken rake, and she herself – with a knife! And if that – again for the knife grab… Waking up on the farm, in the room, decorated with expensive carpets and fabrics, Elena with horror sees handsome Bohun in a luxurious outfit. Gently and meekly her ataman praises her love. Never! – Elena answers proudly.

The crook of spy gets Bogun into the paws – and understands: it’s easy for him, an old man, not to die. Bohun boasts that he will soon be married to Elena in Kiev. The gates are locked in a stable, where the old man is rescued from the ambulance, Volodyaevsky, who is wounding Bohun in a battle.

Soon, Zaglob and Volodyevsky again come across Bogun. But now he goes to the prince Kazimir as an ambassador – and, therefore, the person ataman is inviolable. However, Zaglob makes evil Bogdan himself to summon Volodyevsky to a duel. A terrible blow Volodyevsky cuts ataman chest. The binder binds Bohun – it’s useless, of course, but that’s the Christian’s duty.

Now nothing will prevent friends from finding Elena. Remembering about her, Zaglob sobbing with a bass, and Volodyaevsky echoed him with a tenor. But when they returned to Zbarazh, where their regiments now stand, friends will find out that Skshetusky has already set out to search, he heard about the death of Elena in Kiev and is now in darkness.

Friends drink honey, with tears mixed. And then there is Redzyan, who recently saw the wrecked Bohun – and he sent him to Gorpin, to say that she was driving Elena to Kiev. Ataman gave all his money to Radzyan, and he immediately informed the Poles where the wounded Bogun was hiding. Friends for some reason do not like it, but the news that Elena is alive, makes them cry with happiness. Having changed their clothes to Cossacks, Volodyevsky, Zaglob and Redzyan immediately go after the girl. Witches Gorpyny Zaglob is not afraid – he is pohlesche her sorcerer.

In the Devil’s Ridge, Redzyan kills Gorpin, even Volodyevsky, and it seems that this knight’s deed is unworthy. An hour later, Zaglob, Elena, stupefied by her beauty Volodyevsky and Redzyan, suffering that they did not have time to dig up Bogun’s hidden treasures on the farm, are rushing to Zbarazh in full swing. On the way, they almost collide with Bogun: apparently, the ill-wisher Sksheuskogo Regovsky, to whom Redzyan reported to Bohun, specifically released the ataman.

In the forest, the Tatars rush after the nobles. Redzyan and Elena hide in the night, and Volodyevsky and Zaglob, risking their lives, detain the Horde. Fortunately, the Polish detachment is soon in time. Volodyevsky and Zaglob go to Zbarazh, deciding not yet to say anything to Sksheusky, who also returned to this fortress.

And soon Zbarazh besieges Khmelnitsky. Volodyaevsky is desperately beaten. My student! – Proudly says Zaglob. During a terrible assault, he himself with a fright kills the brave Cossack ataman Burlyai. And the happy Panu Longinus manages to cut off three heads at once!

But in the fortress, food and gunpowder are running out. Pan Longinus undertakes to slip past the Cossacks to Toporov, to the king, for help. Pan Podbipyatka purity is impatient to sell! – The Rampage rages. And yet he, Volodyevsky and Skshetusky, are ready to go with a friend to certain death. But Prince Vishnevetsky orders to make his way to Toporov one at a time.

The first to go to Pan Longinus – and die a fierce death. The second is Sksheusky. Emaciated, hungry and sick, he makes his way along the river and swamps past the enemies.

And now in the royal chambers there is a terrible creature in bloody rags, more like a ghost. Hardly keeping to his feet, tells Skshetskii about the unparalleled heroism of his comrades. The shaken king immediately sends out his troops to help the besieged. I owe you, he says to Sksheusky.

Eight days lying in delirium, Jan comes to himself – and sees the cheeky face of Redzyan. And although the young priest ordered the priest to keep quiet, fearing that Skshetusky would not die of joy, he can not stand it and tells how they saved Helen, how he escaped with her from the Tatars, and fell into the hands of his brother Gorpany, Donets, and that himself to the girl He wanted to take Bogun, but the Poles arrived in time; Cossacks were chopped down, the Donets were put on the stake, and Redzyan, barely bothering young gentry, brought the young lady to Zamosc.

Here Volodyevsky and the emaciated Zaglob come running into the room. Under Zborov peace is concluded, the siege is lifted! And jumping on their horses, friends rush to meet Elena. Seeing the carriage, Skshetusky dismounts, falls to his knees, and amidst a general commotion, he is embraced by the tender hands of his beloved. Zaglob almost feels that he has forgotten to tell Yan that Volodyaevsky again wounded Bohun and took him prisoner. Yes Bohun, it seems, was looking for death himself… Vishnevetsky wanted to put him on a stake, and then he decided to give it to Sksheusky. “Great courage is a warrior and, in addition, unhappy,” says Jan. “I will not diminish it…”

Everyone praises Sksheusky – the hero of Zbarazh. Jan, like a real Christian knight, humbly lowers his head. Elena’s eyes shine with pride: for man’s glory for his wife is that the sunshine is for the earth.

Epilogue. For a long time this war lasted. The gentry fought valiantly, Boghun bravely smashed the “lyakhs”. History has preserved the memory of his unprecedented deeds. He took over most of the lands of Vishnevetsky, nobody recognized power, he lived in Razlog. It seemed as if he had died. And until the very hour of death, his smile never lit up.

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“Fire and Sword” by Senkevich in short summary