Bylina “Dyuk Stepanovich” in brief summary

From the glorious city of Galich, from the rich land of Volyn, a kind fellow, Dyuk Stepanovich, left to go hunting. But hunting did not work out – for nothing, he shot his expensive arrows. Duke collected all the arrows in the quiver and returned home to Galich, and it was on the Great Saturday. Duke defended the vespers and asked my mother for a blessing to go to the Kiev-hail table, see Prince Vladimir and Princess Apraksia. His mother began to dissuade him: in Kiev there live people who are evil, will wipe out the good of a young man. My mother’s son answered: “Give me, mother, forgiveness, I’ll go, and you will not give me forgiveness, I’ll go.” Matushka gave him a blessing, she gave me a silk shawl. Duke went to the stable, chose a hero’s horse there, a hefty shaggy one, put on him a rich harness.

The horse galloped to Kiev: jumps and made a verst, and for three and five versts, rivers and lakes between the legs lowered and smooth

mosses jumped. I flew to the young man, the Withered Snake, about twelve heads, wanted to burn the fire-a good horse galloped away from it. A fierce beast attacked the young man, he wanted to swallow a horse-a good horse galloped away from the beast. A flock of ravens flew in, wanted to sweep the young man-and a good horse rode away from them.

Duke passed three outposts, he came to the fourth. At the outpost is a tent, in a tent sleeping good fellow, the old Cossack Ilya of Murom Duke did not know who in the tent, began to call him to battle. When Ilya Muromets left the tent, Duke fell to his feet and said: “One mighty hero in Russia, the old Cossack Ilya of Murom”. Ilye fell in love with these speeches. He punished Duke: if they hurt him in Kiev, let him know the news with an arrow in a clear field. The falcon will pick up the arrow, Ilya will bring it, Ilya will come and Duke will help.

Duke arrives in Kiev directly to the princes’ chambers, puts the cross in a written form, bows like a scientist. Prince Vladimir was not at home – he was in the church at matins. Duke sat down on his

burushka, came to the Cathedral of the Virgin, stood beside Prince Vladimir between Bermyata Vasilyevich and Churila Plenkovic. The prince asks the good of the young man: who is he, from what land and what tribe? Duke answers: he is from the city of Galich, from the rich land of Volyn, a young boyar son, Duke Stepanovich. How long has he been from Galicia? asks the prince. Duke answers: vespers he stood in Galicia, and at matryon rushed to Kiev. Boyars say: “From Galich to Kiev, the direct road trip is three months, and the roundabout – six months, if there are horses of variables.” The prince asks if the horses are expensive in Galicia. There are also ruble, and two, and on the stool, and five hundred, – Duke answers, – and I do not know the price of my horse. The matins ended, everyone went out into the street, and there all the people admired Dyukov’s horse. Duke went around Kiev, shaking his head: “My mother has all the oak pavements, and your bridges, my lord, are uneven all, pine.” And what he will look at, everything is as follows: there are not enough icons for the prince above the gates, and the horses are not loaded with wheat, and the wine is bitter, and the rolls smell of pine, but in Galich it’s better and richer.

Churila Plenkovic was offended at last, decided to strike Duke with a bet on who would cobble whom. Whether you bet five hundred rubles. For Churil vouches and the prince, and all boyars, and for Duke is ready to vouch one goal Kiev. Then Duke guessed, sent an arrow with the news in a clear field to Ilya Muromets. Ilya Muromets came to Kiev, vouched for Duke. Churila Plenkovic shodded boots green greyhound, under the heel though a nightingale fly, and around the heel at least an egg Katya; He wore a hat and cap, a fluff, a veil. And Dyuk Stepanovich shod with the baubles of seven silks, decorated with jacinth stones, each stone stands all over the city of Kiev; Yes, I put on my fur coat my usual: in the buttons of the lute, fierce beasts, in the eyebrows, the snakes are fierce snakes. Duke jerked his buttons and loops – the animals roared, the snakes hissed, all of them fell to the ground from their roar and thorn. Duke snapped Churila Plenkovich, took his five hundred rubles,

Then Churila said: “Come, prince, to the Volyn land of the copyist Dyukovo describe the wealth.” Sent to Galich Dobrynya Nikitich. Dobrynya arrived in Galich, found the three high tiers, in them an old woman sits in silk and in gold. Dobrynya bowed to her as Dyukova’s mother-it turned out that it was Dyukova’s kalachnitsa. The next day he met another old woman in gold – it was Dyukova nanny. Dyukov was met by mother Dobrynya on the main street, the road was lined with cloth, and before her were spades and sweepers – the road was cleared. Dyukova’s mother Dobrynyu has given a drink, fed, led wealth to show. And Dobrynya wrote this: “We had to carry six papers from the city of Kiev, and carry the ink on three cartloads-let Dyukov not describe the wealth.” He returned to Kiev, showed the prince his own scripture: Duke came out right about everything.

Churila and Duke again broke off: who of them would jump on the horse Pochay-reku. And they had a mortgage not for money, but for a stormy head. Churila from afar was dispersed, and Dyuk Stepanovich jumped without a break from the steep bank and the Pochai-river jumped. He wanted to cut Churila’s head, but let the prince and the princess ask for it. Then Duke over Churila laughed, with the prince, with the princess and with all the people said goodbye and returned home to Galich-grad.

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Bylina “Dyuk Stepanovich” in brief summary