Summary “The Pharaoh and the Chant” by Henry

Summary “The Pharaoh and the Chant” by Henry

Homeless vagrant Soapy merz on the bench in the park. Winter came, it was necessary to think about housing. He wanted to go to a hospitable prison, where he had enough food and a roof over his head for three months. For several years he spent the winter there. There were charitable institutions, but Sopi was too proud to receive gifts from the hands of philanthropists.

Many easy ways led to prison. To start, Sochi went to a good restaurant to have lunch, and then declare himself insolvent. The head waiter, seeing his worn trousers, put Sopy on the sidewalk. Then Sopi smashed the shop window with a cobblestone. A policeman running to the police station, Sopi confessed to the deed, but the policeman did not believe that the person who smashed the window would remain at the scene of the crime. The guard of order ran after another person. Sochi went to a cheap restaurant and ate, refused to pay.

Two waiters neatly put Soapy on the asphalt. Then Sopi decided to try his luck brazenly baptizing a well-dressed woman, but the woman turned out to be a lady of easy virtue, looking for a cavalier. Sochi danced on the sidewalk, yelled, cried, but the policemen decided that these students celebrate the victory of their sports team, and the police did not instruct them to touch them.

Sopi saw a man stopping at the entrance and left an umbrella at the entrance. Sopi grabbed him, hoping that the man would call the police, but it turned out that this man killed himself this morning by mistake. And if it’s Soapi’s umbrella, then he asks for forgiveness.

Suddenly, Sopey heard beautiful music coming from the church. Under the influence of sounds, he decided to change his life: he will find work, get out of the mud, become a man, he…

But then a policeman grabbed him by the shoulder and sent him to prison as a tramp.

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Summary “The Pharaoh and the Chant” by Henry