Summary “And the day lasts for more than a century” Aitmanov

Summary “And the day lasts for more than a century” Aitmanov

In these parts of the trains went from west to east and back. On both sides of the railway there was a great desert steppe – Sary-Ozeki. Yedigei worked at the Boranly-Burannyi exit. At night, to inform about Kazangap’s death, his wife, Ukubala, crept into his booth. Yedigei was demobilized thirty years ago, after concussion, at the end of the forty-fourth year. The doctor told him that through the goal he will be healthy. However, while he could not do physical work. And he and his wife then went to the railway, deciding that perhaps there is a guard or guard place for a front-line soldier.

With Kazangap they got acquainted by chance, got to talking, and he called to Burannyi. The place there was difficult – no people, no water, but it’s still better than being

homeless and working. Seeing the crossing, Yedigei was upset, since there were several small houses in a deserted place, further steppe everywhere. He did not think then that at this point his whole remaining life would pass. And thirty years – next to Kazangap, who helped them a lot in the beginning – gave a camel and a camel called Karanar. And their children grew up together. They all became. as a family. And they, too, will have to bury Kazangap. Yedigei returned home after the shift, thinking about the upcoming funeral. as he suddenly felt that the ground was shaking under his feet. He saw how far, far away in the steppe, in the place where the Sarozek cosmodrome is located. like a fiery tornado, a rocket rose. It was an unplanned flight in connection with an emergency incident at a station called Parity. This station is Soviet-American. “Parity” from the control center – Obscenupra – had been sending signals for more than twelve hours, which he did not react to either. And then with Sary-Ozeka the ships, which were sent to clarify the situation, started urgently.

Yedigei insisted. to bury the deceased in the cemetery of Ana-Bayit. This is a family cemetery, it had its own history. According to the legend, the Zhuanzhuans, who captured Sary-Ozeki in the past centuries, destroyed the memory

of the prisoners with a very terrible torture: they put on their heads a width – a piece of leather. The skin is raw and camel-skinned. When the skin dried up in the sun, he squeezed the slave’s head as if it were a steel hoop, while the slave lost his mind and became a mankurt. Mankurt did not remember anything, he did not know where he came from, he did not remember either his father or his mother. In general, did not feel like a man. He was obedient, like a dog, while doing a heavy and dirty work, not thinking about escape. So one woman, whose name Naiman-Ana found her son, who was turned into a mankurt. He was busy with grazing cattle. He could not recognize her, could not remember his name, could not remember the name of his father. Your name is Zholaman “, the mother lamented.

She begged to remember her name. They talked, and meanwhile the zhuanghuans noticed the woman. She managed to escape, but the shepherd was told that the woman came to steal his head (when he heard these words, the guy turned pale – because for mankurt this is the most terrible threat, the worst of which does not happen). They left, leaving the slave bow and arrows. Nayman-Ana again came to her son to persuade him to flee. Looking around, looking. But then she felt the death blow of the arrow. The mother fell from the camel, but at the same time a white handkerchief fell from her, which turned into a bird and flew, shouted and prayed for the son to remember who he was, whose. Your father of the time Beit – Mother’s rest. Early in the morning everything was ready. The body of Kazangapa was tightly wrapped in a dense scab and put into a tractor trailer cart. It was necessary to go thirty kilometers, this one way and thirty in the reverse, and even the burial. Yedigei was driving first. He pointed out the road, followed by a tractor with a trailer, and the procession was closed by an excavator.. All sorts of thoughts spun in Yedigei’s mind while he was driving. I remembered the days when they were strong with Kazangap. They did all sorts of work at the break. which arose.

Young now laugh at them – fools are old, life is only their own, but for what. Apparently, it was for what. . During this time there was a survey of “Parity” by the arriving astronauts. Discovered. that the parity-cosmonauts who served the station, somewhere disappeared. Then it was discovered, which the owners left in the logbook. The meaning of this record was that. that the people who worked at the station had contact with the inhabitants of the planet Lesnaya Chest-they are representatives of extraterrestrial civilization. The aliens invited earthlings to their planet, and they answered with consent, but nobody was informed. Now people have reported. that they are the planet Forest Breast, told us what they saw (they were surprised that they had never fought anybody). but the most important thing was that they conveyed the request of the forest rangers to visit the Earth. Aliens, more advanced technically than civil civilization, suggest creating an interstellar station. The world was not yet aware of this. Even the government of both sides, who were informed of the disappearance of the cosmonauts, knew nothing about the further developments of events. reported about the disappearance of astronauts, had no information about the further development of events. They waited for the commission to decide. .

And Yedigei at this time recalled a very old story, Kazangap reasoned honestly and wisely. In 1951, a family settled at the crossroads – father, mother and two boys. Abutalip Kuttybaev was as old as Yedigei. In the Sarozek muffler, they came not from a good life: Abutalip, escaped from the camp of the Germans, then in forty-third he got to the Sugoslavsky partisans. He returned home without loss of rights, but soon the relationship with Yugoslavia was spoiled, and, learned about his past, they were ordered to file a resignation at his own request. Asked in one place, and in another. Many times I moved from one place to another. Abutalip with his family stopped at the Boranly-Burannyi exit. No one left his force here, but it turned out that he was stuck in Sarozek for life. This life was hard for them: from all are torn off, a climate not suitable for them. Yedigei somehow regretted Zaripa most of all. But. however, the Kuttybaev family was extremely friendly. Abutalip was an excellent father and husband, and the children were strongly attached to their parents. They were helped in a new place, and gradually they got accustomed. Abutalip now began not only to work and study the house, but also began to write memories of Yugoslavia. Everyone knew about this at the check-out.

By the end of the year, as always, the auditor came. And, as if by accident, he asked about Abutalip. And after some time. On January 5, 1953, a passenger train stopped on Buranny, stopping here without stopping. Three people came out of the train and arrested Abutalip. Later. in late February, it became known that Kuttybayev was under investigation, and then died. The sons waited every day. that the father will return. And Yedigei constantly thought about Zarip, ready to come to her aid at any moment. It was hard to pretend, pretending that he was indifferent to her. Once he asked her. “Why do you need to worry so much, because we are all you (he meant I).”

The cold started and then Karanar again became furious, because he started a rut. Yedigei went to work in the morning, and so he released atan. The next day it became known. somewhere Karanar scored two males – camels and from the herd, he repulsed four queens, somewhere – he drove the master, riding astride, from the camel. Then the letter was asked to pick up the attacker from the crossing, otherwise they would shoot him. But when Yedigei appeared at home. then I learned that Zaripa and the children had left at all. He brutally beat Karanar, quarreled with Kazangap, but Kazangap gave him advice to bow to the feet of Ukubal and Zaripa, because they saved him from trouble. Here he is Kazangap, the man they were currently traveling to bury. But suddenly they suddenly came across a hedge in a barbed wire.

The soldier standing on the post said that he would not miss them if they do not have a badge. The chief of the guard said this, and they also said that the Ana-Bayit cemetery was being liquidated altogether, and a new microdistrict was being built at that place. As they did not persuade them, nothing happened. Persuasions did not lead to anything. Kazangap had to be buried near the cemetery, on the spot where Naiman-Ana was crying. . The Commission, which discussed the proposal of the Forest Breast, it was decided: to prevent the former parity-cosmonauts from returning; from contacts with the Forest Throat refuse, and the space near the Earth is isolated from all sorts of alien invasion, a hoop of missiles. All the funeral participants went to the checkpoint, and he himself returned to the guard booth, he wanted that his great bosses listened to him. He sought to explain these to people so that they could understand them. you can not ruin the cemetery.

There is very little left of the barrier, but a bright flare of terrible fire flared up next to the sky. It took off the battle. the very first robot rocket, which is designed to destroy all objects that are approaching the globe. Then the second flared up after her, then again and again. The rockets were striving to the outer space, creating a hoop around the Earth. The sky fell on his head, forming a pool of boiling flames and smoke. Yedigei with his dog and camel, jerked away. But tomorrow Burannyi Yedigei returned to the cosmodrome again.

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Summary “And the day lasts for more than a century” Aitmanov