Summary of Shakespeare’s Macbeth

The scene of the tragedy occurs in XI. in Scotland and England. I talk three witches about when they will meet again, and agree that after the victory of one of the parties. In a military camp near Forres, the Scottish king Duncan receives the joyful news that Macbeth, the cousin of the king, defeated the troops of the Irish and MacDonald, who was killed in battle. Sergeant Ross also informs the King and that immediately after the victory on the Scottish army, King of Norway Svenon and his ally attacked, who changed Duncan, the Kavdorsky Tan.

But Macbeth was victorious over the enemies. The Norwegians pay a huge payment, and the traitor is ordered to execute the king, and Macbeth to transfer the title of the Kavdorsky tan. During a thunderstorm in the steppe, three witches boast to one another about the abominations committed. In Forres appear Macbeth, and Banco. Veschunyi waited for them. They three times greet Macbeth – as Gdisi Tan, and then as Tana Kavdorsky and, only

later as the future king. Banco asks witches to predict his fate. Witches give Bangko praise three times, as he is the ancestor of kings and disappear. The royal envoys Angus and Ross come, they commanders hurry to go to Duncan and congratulate, with a new title, Kavdorsky tan, Macbeth. The predictions of witches come true. Banco tells Macbeth that he does not attach importance to all this, because evil spirits beckon people into their networks to portray the truth.

But Macbeth is already dreaming of the throne, but the thoughts appearing in his head, about the murder of the noble Duncan, are disgusting to him. In Forres, Duncan gladly meets his generals. The king gives his elder son Malcolm the title of Prince of Camberland and declares that he is the heir to the throne. He also gives honors to others. To distinguish among all the Macbeth, Duncan will spend the night in Inverness in his castle. Macbeth is furious, because Malcolm is interfering with him on the throne. He already plans to go to the crime. In the castle of Macbeth, his wife received a letter from her husband. She really likes the predicted fate of

Macbeth. She argues that he deserves such a fate, only he lacks the strength of spirit and determination to make a crime for the sake of power. he is afraid of doing evil with his own hand.

The wife is ready to push her husband to kill. And as soon as Macbeth comes home, his wife immediately tells him that he needs to kill Duncan when he comes to visit them. The king comes to the castle. Macbeth is ashamed to kill the king in his house, because he honored him with honors, but the desire to rule is stronger. The wife tells him that he is a coward, and that no luck can not be, because the king will fall asleep very quickly, and her servants she will give wine with a potion. Duncan needs to be killed by the servants’ daggers, as soon as the suspicion of Macbeth disappears. After the feast, Duncan, giving gifts to his native Macbeth, and goes into the bedroom. A little later, Macbeth enters the bedroom to the king and kills him, but Lady Macbeth comes to cover the traces of the murder. In the morning, a famous nobleman from Scotland, Macduff, comes to the castle. Macbeth accompanies Macduff to the royal chambers. And when he comes he sees, that the king is stabbed, and his drunken servants are stained with the blood of the lord. Macbeth expresses anger and kills his servants in a fit, as their guilt is on their face, but only the sons of the murdered, Donalbain and Malcolm do not believe in it.

Young men decide to escape from the castle of Macbeth to England to the Irish. Many believe that Donbayne and Malcolm are involved in the murder of the king, as they escape from the country. The new king is chosen by Macbeth, he goes to Skon to be crowned there. In Forres in the royal palace Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are happy to host Banco. In the evening they hold a dinner in honor of Banco, but he needs to leave and he does not know if he will have time for dinner. Macbeth learns that Banco will go all the way with his son Fliens. Banco withdraws. Macbeth understands that judicious and brave Banco, his main danger. Macbeth is afraid of the future, as all the predictions of witches come true: Macbeth will have no children, and he will not surprise himself for the crime that he committed, and after Macbeth, the grandchildren of Banco will rule. Macbeth dares to fight with fate. He sends for the murderers, which are two losers. The king tells them that in all their misfortunes, Banco is guilty. and they are ready to take revenge. Macbeth orders them to kill Banco Flins’s son. In the palace in the park, Banco and Flins, the killers lie in wait.

They attack them and kill Banco, but warns his son and Flinis is saved to take revenge for his father. Macbeth gladly accepts everyone, everyone seats, but then one of the killers comes and reports to the king about what happened. Turning to the guests, Macbeth sees that his place is occupied by Bloody Banco. The ghost sees only Macbeth, and so the guests do not understand with whom the king is talking. Lady Macbeth says that the strangeness of her husband due to illness. Everyone leaves. Macbeth calms down, and tells his wife that McDuff did not come to the feast and therefore he suspects him of treason. In the morning Macbeth wants to go to the three witches to better know the future. The gloomy deity of Hecate, speaks to witches and says that he is going to kill him. In the palace in Forres, Lenox with another lord is talking about the death of Banco, Duncan, their children, McDuffe. Macbeth is called a despot.

He demands from the higher spirits the answer that the vile old women call him. The first ghost warns Macbeth that he needs to beware of Macduff. The second ghost tells Macbeth that no one will win in battle, who is born a woman. The third sign reports that Macbeth will not be defeated until the Birnam Forest goes to Dunsinan Castle. Macbeth likes the predictions, but he wants to know whether the Banco race will rule. The music began to sound and before Macbeth, eight kings pass, the eighth in the hand holds a mirror in which an endless line of rulers with a triple scepter and in a double crown is visible. Here lies a hint of the King of England, Ireland and Scotland – James I Stewart, since his ancestor was Banco. The most recent goes Banco and Macbeth solemnly points to his great-grandchildren. Everything disappears. In the cave comes Lenox and says that McDouf fled to England. Macbeth wants to kill Macduff and his entire family. Lady Macduff was at a loss, for she learned of her husband’s escape. A messenger comes and informs her that she needs to run away with the children.

But she does not have time, because the killers are already here. They kill a kid who is trying to intercede for his mother, Lady Macduff trying to escape. In England, Macduff tries to persuade Malcolm to go against the tyrant Macbeth. But Malcolm does not agree, because he believes that his rule will be worse than the rule of Macbeth, since he is very greedy, voluptuous, and cruel. Macduff is in sorrow. Malcolm consoles Macduff, telling him that he lied as he thought it was a trap. In fact, he is ready to go to Macbeth, and that the King of England will give him a large army, led by the English commander Sivard, the prince’s uncle. The brother of Lady Macduff, Lord Ross, comes, who reports that in Scotland people took up arms, as the tormentor bored everyone. The Scots are ready for an uprising. Macduff learns about the death of his family. He wants revenge.

She is very much concerned about the strange illness of Lady Macbeth, similar to sleepwalking. But then with a candle in her hand appears the queen herself, who rubs her hands as if she is trying to wash off the blood that does not wash off, her speech is very frightening. The doctor says that there is nothing that can not help, and the queen needs a priest. Approach Dunsinanu British troops, and with them Macduff Malcolm, and Sivard. They are joined by the rebellious Scottish lords, Catnes, Mentis, Ross, Angus, Lenox. In Dunsinan, Macbeth receives news of the approach of the enemy. But Macbeth is not afraid, since all his enemies were born by women, and the Birnan forest did not march. At this time in the Birnam Forest, Prince Malcolm gives his soldiers orders that everyone cut a branch and carry it in front of him, in order to hide the number of the rebels. The country no longer recognizes Macbeth, and its last fortress is the castle. The soul of Macbeth is already hardened, he does not even care about the news of the death of his wife. A messenger comes and tells Macbeth that the Birnam Forest goes to the castle. Macbeth is furious. He says that if he is destined to perish, then only in battle. Macbeth collects the army. In the battles, Macbeth meets the young Sivard, and defeats him.

Macduff had not yet fought, since he did not want to kill ordinary peasants, but his main enemy was Macbeth. They meet. Macbeth does not want to fight him, but he is not afraid of him, since he was born a woman. Macbeth learns that Macbeth was not born, but was carved out of time from the mother’s womb. Macbeth is desperate, but he is not going to run. They fight to the death. Malcolm’s troops triumph. He listens to the news of his subordinates. Sivard-father is informed that his son died from a wound that he received in the forehead. McDouf comes and bears Macbeth’s head. Malcolm greet with cries. The new king announces that he is awarding a title for the award. Now we need to return to their homeland those who escaped from Macbeth and punish his followers. But first he goes to the Castle of Skon, in order to be crowned according to the ancient custom.

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Summary of Shakespeare’s Macbeth