Brief enchanted place

When the narrator, old Thomas, was still small, an unusual story happened to his grandfather. He claims that evil forces will freeze anyone. Here’s how it happened.

My father went to the Crimea to sell tobacco. Grandfather and Foma went to live on a shovel (a piece of land), where watermelons, melons and various vegetables grew. Bashtan was located near the road. Past the chumaks (the so-called referees traveling to Crimea for fish and salt).

Once, among the traveling chumak, the grandfather met his acquaintances. They settled down at the kuren (a hut of straw). Talk began, memories of the past. Then my grandfather made Foma and his brother Ostap dance. Yes, and he could not restrain himself and started to dance. He danced well. But this time, having reached half of the smooth spot, he already wanted to show his feet with his feet, when suddenly he could not move them properly.

Grandfather began to scold Satan, as this is his obsession. And he sees that he

is standing in some unknown place. He began to look closely and recognized a dove in a vegetable garden near a priest and a threshing volost clerk. Going out onto the path, Grandfather went to his bashtan. But aside from the road on the grave, he saw a candlelight. Treasure! And he does not have a spade or a shovel with him. He decided at least to spot the place. He put a branch on the grave and went home.

The next day, as soon as it was getting dark, my grandfather went to the mark. But when he came to the kitchen garden, he saw a dovecot, but did not see the threshing floor. He walked away slightly to the side – the dove was gone. Again with him, the devil was joking. Then the rain came and Grandfather returned to his cottage.

The next day he went out into the field with a step to dig a new patch. Passing by an enchanted place where he could not dance, his grandfather could not resist and struck him with a bend. Looks – again he is at the place where the mark was placed. And the grave is here, and its label lies. Grandfather was glad that now he had an interstice. He approached the grave, and

there is a huge stone. The old man turned him around and decided to smell the snuff.

But he did not have time to bring it to his nose, as someone sneezed next to him. He was sprayed all over. Grandfather thought that the devil do not like tobacco. And he began to dig. Soon I came across a cauldron. “Where are you!” he said happily. These words echoed like a bird’s nose, a ram’s head and a bear. The old man was frightened, and said that it was scary. And again a bird’s nose, a ram’s head and a bear repeated everything behind him. And then the stump turned into a terrible face. The nose is huge, like a blacksmith’s fur, lips like decks, and the eyes are red, burning with fire. I put my tongue out and teases my grandfather. He decided to get out of this place as soon as possible. He grabbed the pot and started running.

Foma and Ostap lost their grandfather. My mother already brought them dinner, and already had time to dance, but he’s not there. Mother washed the dishes and began to look for where to pour the slops. He looks, and the tub moves to the kuren, as if someone hid behind it and pushes it forward. She decided to pour the pour into it.

It turned out that the grandfather brought a pot. He began to swear at his mother, wipe his face. And then he joyfully and tells the guys that soon they will eat bagels, go in gold zhupany (old outer clothes). And he opened the cauldron. And there is no gold there. Only dirt and rubbish everyone. My grandfather spat, washed his hands. Since then, he himself did not believe in the devil, and the guys always taught him not to believe. Grandfather said that the devil – the enemy of man, will deceive. He has the truth and does not have a penny. And every time he encounters an uneasy place, he begins to baptize.

And the site where he did not vytantsovyvalsya, Grandfather decided not to cultivate more. He fenced him and told me to drop any rubbish there. Others then planted watermelons and melons on this site. But nothing good there did not grow.

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Brief enchanted place