Summary “The Clever Hidalgo Don Quixote”

The main character lived in the village of Lamanchsky, his property was small – a spear, a shield, an old horse and a dog. His name was Kehan. The age of the hero was approaching fifty years. He was fond of reading knightly novels and gradually introduced himself as a traveling knight. He polished his old armor, the horse gave a more proud name to Rosiante, called himself Don Quixote and went on a journey. By all the chivalrous rules, he chose a lady of his heart – Aldonsa Lorenzo, for himself, he began to call her Dulcinea.

Don Quixote rode all day. Tired, he decided to stop at the inn. The hero asked the master to devote him to knights, the initiation consisted of an obtusal and a sword on the back. When the innkeeper asked the knight if he had any money, Don Quixote replied that there was nothing about money in the novels, so he did not take them with him. But, nevertheless, the newly-made knight decided to return home to stock up with money and clothes.


the way, the hero showed nobility and stood up for the boy, who was offended by the villager. Don Quixote decided to find himself a squire and offered this position with him to the plowman Sancho Panse. At night they again went on a journey. They met windmills, which seemed to Don Quixote as giants. He rushed to fight with them. The mill’s wing threw the knight to the ground, his spear broke into chips. For the enemy army Don Quixote took a herd of sheep. For this he got very much from the shepherds who threw him stones.

Sancho Panse began to call the hero the Knight of the Sad image because of the sad face of Don Quixote. In the mountains, travelers managed to find a suitcase with gold coins and some clothes. Money Don Quixote gave the squire. Then Don Quixote wrote several letters, one of them-a love letter to Dulcine, the other of his niece. According to the idea of ​​the knight, they were to deliver Sancho Panse.

But he went to the village without them. Returning, squire lied to Don Quixote that Dulcinea wants to meet with him. But the knight replied that he must first become worthy and perform

even more feats. The travelers continued their journey and stopped at the inn. All night long in a dream Don Quixote fought with enemies. The next morning, one of the guards who stopped at the inn, found out in Don Quixote the wanted intruder.

It turned out that the knight was looking for the release of runaway convicts. First, Don Quixote wanted to take to the city prison, but then released with Sancho Panse to his native village. Don Quixote fell ill for a whole month. Then he learned from his squire that they had invented a real book about their adventures, to which all are read.

Comrades went on a new journey. This time to the city of Toboso, where Dulcinea lived. It turned out that Don Quixote not only does not know the address of his beloved, but never saw her face. Sancho Pansea guessed this and decided to give a simple peasant woman for Dulcinea. Don Quixote, the appearance of a coarse, ugly peasant woman was regarded as a trick of evil forces.

Once on a green meadow, Don Quixote witnessed the ducal hunting. The Duchess was engrossed in a novel about Don Quixote. The knight was met with respect and invited to the castle. Soon the Duke and his retinue sent Sancho Panse to one of the towns. There the squire was given the title of lifelong governor of Barataria. There he had to establish his own order, and also protect the city from the enemy. But soon Sancho Panse was fed up with these ten days of governorship and he, sitting on the donkey, hurried back to Don Quixote. The knight was also fed up with the quiet life of the Duke.

The comrades again set out on their journey. After traveling a little more, the pilgrims returned to their native village. Don Quixote became a shepherd. Before his death, the hero remembered his real name – Alonso Kihano. He blamed all knightly novels, which clouded the mind. He died as an ordinary person, and not as a wandering knight.

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Summary “The Clever Hidalgo Don Quixote”