“Irkutsk history” of Arbuzov in the summary

On one of the construction sites in Irkutsk, two girls work at the grocery store – Valya and Larisa. Valya is a cashier, she is twenty-five years old. This is a cheerful girl who does not think much about her behavior and way of life, for which she earned the nickname Valka-cheap. Her friend Viktor Boytsov, the same age as Gali, introduces her to Sergei Seregin. Seregin is a master machinist on a walking excavator. Victor is his first assistant, an electrician.

Victor promises Vale to go to the movies, and then – to dances, but since the chief, Stepan Yegorovich Serdyuk, gives him a job concerning the repair of the excavator, Victor asks Sergei to go with Valya instead. After the movie, Valya and Sergei are sitting on a bench in the park and talking. Valya says that she wants to be like Carmen – once she wrote about such a wonderful opera, then she can not be a negative hero. Sergei tells Vale that he was already married. On Valin, the question of the reason

for divorce answers that, apparently, “they did not need each other’s help.” Not true, that means there was love. ” Valya says that she would very much like that there was true love, because one – scary.

While they are talking, two guys come up to the bench and start insulting Valya. Sergei hits one of them in the face. Valya asks Sergei for forgiveness and runs away. The action is transferred to the shore of the Angara. Larissa and Valya drink beer and talk. Valya tells her friend that she received a letter from an unknown person. It was written there that a person lives not in vain and not in vain. Everything around him should get better. Happiness can not be experienced alone. Victor comes. Larissa leaves them alone. Valya tells him that she was going to marry – if only for him. He in reply says that it would be ridiculous, it’s so good.

Room of girls in the hostel. Vali’s birthday. She invites Victor and Sergey. Sergei, however, she does not talk about the reasons why guests come to her. Victor is delighted that Sergey will be. He “did not smile”

to spend the evening in the company of two girls. Sergei advises Victor to marry Valya. He replies that he does not feel like tying himself.

At the table, Val read aloud letters from an unknown person, including the one where an unknown person asks her to marry him. Valya says that it will be better for Viktor, but he backs off from it. Then Sergey admits that he wrote letters and that he would never have said this, do not otkupis Victor from Wali. Valya expels Victor. He promises to remember this.

Victor begins to drink, skip work. He asks Sergei to leave Valya, but Sergey loves her and refuses Victor.

At a wedding with Vali and Sergei Larissa gets acquainted with Serdyukov. Victor in memory of himself gives Vale a ring and runs away.

Time passes. Wali and Sergei had twins – Fedor and Lenochka. Sergei advises Vale to go to school, and then work. He believes that a person needs for happiness to have his business at least a little better than himself.

The thirtieth of July. A very hot day. Sergei takes a towel and goes to the Angara to dip. On the way to the river, he meets a boy and a girl who join him: the children go fishing.

Meanwhile, Victor comes to Vale. He still can not forget her and is very afflicted. Valya loves Sergei. Suddenly their friend Rodik comes and tells us that Sergei drowned. A boy and a girl, who were fishing, turned over on a raft. Sergei saved them at the cost of his life.

After the death of Sergei all his team decides to work for him, and give money to Valentine. Against one Victor. He believes that it should humiliate Valya. Valya, however, accepts the money. Then Victor accuses her of dependency. He loves Valya and wants her to preserve human dignity. He tells her the same thing that Sergei once said: that she must go to study and work. She calls her to them in the change. Valya agrees. In it, it seems, a new feeling for Victor arises, although she does not hurry to admit it. Sergei’s voice wants Victor a happy journey in life.

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“Irkutsk history” of Arbuzov in the summary