Summary Oles Semenovich Chishko

Oles Semenovich Chishko

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Chishko is a prominent Soviet composer who has worked extensively and successfully in various fields of musical art. Being a professional singer, Chishko paid much attention to vocal genres – opera, romance, song. His work is distinguished by the melodiousness, simplicity and accessibility of expression. From 1948 to 1964, he conducted pedagogical work at the Leningrad Conservatory. Chishko is also an active musician and public figure.

Oles (Alexander) Semenovich Chishko was born on June 2 (new) in 1895 in the village of Dvurechnyi Kut, near Kharkov. First he studied at Kharkov University, then there as a singer and composer. In 1924 he finished his vocal education, began to perform in Ukraine, perform in musical theaters. In 1930 he moved to Leningrad, where three years later he graduated from the conservatory composer education under the direction of PB Ryazanov. As a diploma work, Chishko presented the opera “The

Battleship Potemkin.” By that time he was already the author of two operas (Judith, 1923, “In Prison at the Apple”, 1931), many treatments of Ukrainian and Russian songs, instrumental compositions. in Leningrad continued the activities of the singer – in the Philharmonic, on the radio, in the Small Opera House (Chishko’s best achievement is the role of Pierre Bezukhov in Prokofiev’s opera War and Peace, premiered in 1946). During the Great Patriotic War, Chishko was with the Leningrad Conservatory in Tashkent. Two more operas were written here: “Daughter of the Caspian” (1942) and “Mahmud Toraby” (1944). Among other, later created works were: a Suite for the reader, soloists, chorus and orchestra of folk instruments “Flag over the Village Council” (in the words of A. Nedogonov, 1948), the vocal-symphonic suite “The Miners” (1955), cantata “There is such a party “(1958). Recently, the composer finished a new opera “Irkutsk history” (based on A. Arbuzov’s play). In addition, he wrote about 50 romances, over 130 songs and other works.

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Summary Oles Semenovich Chishko