Summary “Finist is a clear falcon”

Summary “Finist is a clear falcon”

There lived a father with three daughters, his mother died. The youngest was called Mariushka and she was a needlewoman and did all the housework. Among all the daughters she was the most beautiful and hardworking. My father often went to the market and asked his daughters what gifts they should bring. Senior and middle-aged daughters always ordered things – boots, dresses, and the youngest always asked her father to bring a feather Finist – a clear falcon.

2 times the father could not find a feather, but on the third he met an old man who gave him a fin of Finist – a clear falcon. Maryushka was very happy and had a long time admiring the feather, but by the evening she dropped it and then Finist came – a clear falcon, hit the floor and turned into the good

of a young man. All night they talked with Maryushka. And the next three nights also – Finist arrived in the evening and flew in the morning.

The sisters heard that their younger sister was talking to someone at night and told her father, but he did not do anything. Then the sisters stroked the needles and knives into the window and when Finist, a clear falcon, flew in the evening, he began to fight in the window and was wounded, and Maryushka fell asleep and did not hear it because of fatigue. Then Finist shouted that he was flying away and if Maryushka wanted to find him, she would need to demolish three pairs of cast-iron boots, 3 cast-iron staffs to carry about the grass and swallow 3 stone bread.

The next morning, Maryushka saw Finist’s blood and remembered everything. The smith made her cast-iron shoes and staffs, she took three stone bread and went in search of Finist – a clear falcon. When she worn out the first pair of shoes, the staff and gobbled the first bread, found the hut in which the old woman lived. There she spent the night, and the next morning the old woman gave her a magic gift – a silver donkey, a golden spindle and advised her to go to her middle sister, maybe she knows where to look for Finist – a clear falcon.

When Maryuška took out the second pair of cast-iron

shoes and the second staff, she took the second stone bread, she found the izba of the middle sister of the old woman. Her Maryushka spent the night and received a magic gift in the morning – a silver plate with a golden egg and advice to go to the elder sister of the old women, who certainly knew where Finist was a clear falcon.

The third pair of cast-iron shoes was worn out, the third staff and Maryushka gnawed the third stone bread. Soon she saw the izba of the elder sister, where she spent the night and received in the morning a magic golden pheasant and a needle.

Maryushka went back barefoot and soon saw a courtyard in which stood a beautiful tower. The hostess lived there with her daughter and servants, and her daughter was married to Finist – a clear falcon. Maryushka asked to go to work with her mistress and the landlady took it. She was pleased with such a skillful and unpretentious female worker. And soon my daughter saw Marya’s magic gifts and exchanged them for a meeting with Finist – a clear falcon. But he did not recognize Maryushka – she was so thin in a long campaign. Two nights Maryushka drove the flies away from Finist – a clear falcon, while he was sleeping, but he could not wake him – the daughter gave him a sleeping potion for the night.

But on the third night Mariushka cried over Finistom and fell down on his face and on her breast tears and burned it. Immediately he woke up, recognized Maryushka and turned the falcon, and Mariushka turned into a dove. And they flew to Mary’s house. Father and sisters were very pleased with them, and soon they played a wedding and lived happily to the end of their days.

Summary “Finist is a clear falcon”