Summary of the “Viscount de Bragelonne”

D’Artagnan, in response to the inquiries of de Bragelon about what was happening in Paris in his absence, is indignant: “Do you really want me to instill disgust at your dear and teach you to curse the women, which is the happiness of our life?” A friend of Louise Ora Montale sends Raul for all the information to their mistress, Princess Henriette. The Princess leads him to the rooms of Louise and shows a secret staircase, a hatch to his bride’s bedroom and her portrait painted by the order of the king.

Raul intends to fight a duel with the Marquis Saint-Enjan, implicated in this story. Saint-Ayan in fear turns to the King’s mercy – His Majesty promises everything is easy to settle. Alas, everything is not so simple. The king comes to Athos: “Your honor is the honor of the nobility, why did you need to remove the viscount to London?” – “You forget: before you is your king!” “And you forget that building your

own happiness on someone else’s broken by you is a deadly sin.” Athos breaks the sword against his knee and puts it at the feet of the king, choking with anger and shame. Not two people – two eras of France are facing this evening in the Louvre…

The shadow of the past time is at the same hour to the Aramis Duchess de Chevreuse. She saw Aramis at the funeral of a Franciscan monk, she is a secret agent of the Jesuit Order, she returned to Paris to restore her wasted state. She has letters from Mazarin, from which it follows that Fouquet once borrowed thirteen million from the treasury (it was the money that Colbert, according to the testament of the cardinal, had given to the king, but only one Fouque knows about it and he is not able to withdraw the charge). The Duchess offers Aramis to redeem her letters – but receives a firm refusal.

Aramis hastens to inform Fuke about this visit. Fouquet is crushed by the message of Aramis: he managed to sell this morning to his mistress’s husband, Mr. Vanel, one of the occupied places at the court, in its present position the most important

– the place of the prosecutor. Aramis and Fouquet are begging Vanel to replay the case – he persists. They offer him twice as much. A withered piece of paper falls out of Vanel’s wallet. This is a draft of his deal with Fouquet, written by Colbert’s hand – Fouquet’s death sentence and at the same time a decree on Colbert’s occupation of post 1 in France…

The Duchesse de Chevreuse visits Colbert, who buys Mazarin’s letters from her, and then enters the queen’s quarters. The Duchess is the guardian of her secret, the secrets of the second heir to King Louis XIII, the second Dauphin, the twin brother of the now ruling Louis XIV, the unfortunate prisoner of the Bastille. “What can I pay for the years of your exile, your heart torment?” asks the weeping Anne of Austria. “Visit my estate, it’s true, it has fallen into decay, we need funds to restore it.” – “You do not have to worry about this…”

D’Artagnan sets before the king an ultimatum: either his resignation – or pardon of the impudent Athos and the guarantee of the inviolability of Aramis and Porthos. Reluctantly, the king gives the floor to the captain of the Musketeers. Athos is retiring. Raoul, after a sincere conversation with Louise and her confession of eternal love for the king, goes on an African expedition.

The royal retinue visits Fouquet in his castle in Vaud. Aramis, using the services of the commandant of the Bastille, abducts a prisoner named Marciali from prison, and in his place with the help of Porthos is the king of France, stolen from the chambers in the castle of Fouquet.

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Summary of the “Viscount de Bragelonne”