Summary of “Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka” by Gogol

Sorochinsky Fair

The action takes place at the fair in the town of Sorochinets. The inhabitants of the surrounding villages gather in it. At the fair come Solopii Cherevik with his daughter Paraska. At the fair, a couple is wedded to her, Cherevik gives consent, but his wife opposed such a hasty decision. At the fair notice the red roll-symbol of the curse. According to the legend, every year the devil in pig’s guise looks for a scroll at the fair. This story began to tell Cherevik to his guests, as suddenly a window frame broke in the house and a pig’s face appeared. Everything was mixed up in the house, the guests fled.

Evening on the eve of Ivan bathed. The story told by the deacon

A beautiful daughter of a Cossack Korza fell in love with a pair of Petrus. But Korzh drove him away. And my daughter was decided to extradite a rich lyakha. Petrus in the tire meets Basavryuk. As it turned out, he turned into a man, to use the help of young people to

tear off treasures. Petrus, not knowing, agrees to help him find the flower of the fern on the night of Ivan Kupala. As a result, Petrus encounters in the forest with all evil spirits and witches. After that, he starts to go crazy. People who once ran into the house to Petrus find only ashes instead of him. In it, the local commissar orders to give his consent to Lev’s marriage on Gunn.

May night, or drowned woman

The story is about two lovers – Gunn and Leo. Against the marriage stands his father. Levko tells the girl a story about a pannochka, which the stepmother-witch did not like. Pannochka rushed into the water and became the main one above the drowned women. Levko says goodbye to Gunn. After a while in the dark he hears the conversation of his lover with a man who scolds Levka. Strangers is his father. Levko with the pair decides to teach him a lesson. A stone flies into the house to the head. Instead of the instigator, Kalenik was caught by mistake. And the hero goes to the house pannochki, sings a song and agrees to play the game. He unmistakably distinguishes a witch among drowned

women. In reward from the pannochka receives a note addressed to the father-head.

Christmas Eve

The night before Christmas is the traditional time for Christmas carols. All the young guys and girls take to the streets. The smith Vakula is in love with the daughter of the Cossack Chub, who is rich enough. The devil, who hates the blacksmith, steals the moon in the hope that he will not go to Oksana in the dark. Vakula, still goes to the house to Chuba, where the beautiful Oksana mocks him. Declares that he will become the wife of a blacksmith, if he brings her a tussock as a queen. The case helps Vakula. He manages to catch the devil. He orders him to take to St. Petersburg for the tinsmiths. The blacksmith manages to obtain admission from the queen, she gives him cherished shoes. Return of Vakula is happy the whole village, he is playing a wedding with Oksana.

Terrible revenge

A lot of guests gathered at the wedding of the son of уsaul Gorobets. Among them Danilo Burulbash with his wife Katerino and his young son. At the height of the wedding, Horobets brought out two icons for the blessing of the young. At that moment a sorcerer appeared in the crowd, but immediately disappeared, frightened of the icons. The next day, when the heroes returned home, Katerina tells her husband about her dream, as if her father were a sorcerer. Danilo decides to check his father-in-law and follows him in his house. Fears are confirmed, the sorcerer is chained in a chain in the basement, and Katerina renounces it. But regretting, he lets go. The sorceress is helped by the flies, they burn the neighborhood, Danilo is killed in the battle. Then the sorcerer, coming to Katerina in another guise, kills her. After that, the sorcerer goes to the Carpathians, but he himself also takes death on the way.

Ivan Fedorovich Shponka and his aunt

Ivan Fedorovich Shponka, who served in the infantry regiment, receives news from her aunt that she is no longer able to follow the estate. The hero gets a resignation and goes to Gadyach. On the way to the inn, the hero meets Grigori Storchenko. Auntie, the meeting with which turned out to be very warm, sends Ivan Fedorovich for a donation to Khortyn. There he again meets his friend Storchenko, who must have a document on the estate. Storchenko tries to convince Shponka that there was no donative. The bakery owner tries to lead the conversation to other topics, introduces Ivan Fedorovich to the young sisters. Returning to her aunt, Shponka tells her about the dodgy Storchenko. Relatives decide to go to him together. The story ends here.

Enchanted place. The story told by the deacon

The action takes place in the village. The head of the family left to trade, at home there were a wife, young sons and grandfather. In the evening the Chumaks arrived, the old acquaintances of my grandfather. The feast began. Grandfather went to dance. But suddenly, reaching a certain place, he stopped and could not move his legs. He began to look around – he could not find out where he was, everything seemed unfamiliar. Grandfather identified a path in the dark, suddenly saw a light. I thought it was a treasure, and decided to leave a note on this place in the form of a broken branch. The next day the grandfather went to look for that place, but the rain came and he had to return home. The next day, the grandfather discovered the place and began digging it. Suddenly the impure force overcame, voices were heard, a mountain hung overhead. With the dug out boiler, the grandfather rushed to run. But there was nothing in it except garbage. Grandfather decided,

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Summary of “Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka” by Gogol