Summary “The Case of an Interpreter” by Doyle

A translator from Greek, Mr. Melas, a well-known specialist in London, is often approached by Sherlock Holmes, who is often invited, at the most absurd time, to some foreigner who finds himself in a quandary. Therefore, he was not at all surprised when, a few days ago, late at night, a young man named Latimer appeared to him and invited him to his Greek friend, who needed the services of an interpreter. Mr. Melas was put in a strange carriage with closed windows and warned that he should not know where he was being taken.

After an hour and a half Mr. Melas was brought to a secluded, richly furnished house, where several men waited for him. They led into the room a deadly, pale, extremely exhausted man with a mouth sealed with plaster and ordered to translate their conversation. Mr. Melas had to ask the unfortunate questions, and he wrote the answers on the slate. With a stranger demanded to sign some papers, to which he replied that he would sign only if the wedding took place

in his presence.

Realizing that the owners of the house do not understand a word of Greek, Mr. Melas began to ask himself short questions. He found out that the man’s name is Paulos Kratides, he came from Athens, he is starved, and he does not know the place of his stay. At that moment a young beautiful woman burst into the room. They rushed to each other with a prisoner. They were separated by force and taken from the room. Melas was well paid and told to remain silent about what he saw.

Despite the warning, Mr. Melas turned to the police. It was advertised in the newspaper about the search for the Greek Cratides, but so far no one responded, and did not know anything at the Greek embassy. It was decided to ask the Athenian police, but for now the great detective offers his version.

Arriving from Greece to England, the girl gets acquainted with a certain Latimer. Fearing for his sister, the brother comes next and becomes a victim of the “groom”. Probably, that force compels him to sign papers in order to seize the property of the girl, who is in charge of the brother.


the person responds to the ad and reports the whereabouts of the brother and sister. Holmes goes to the address indicated, on the way to pick up Mr. Melas, but the interpreter has already been taken away. In the house indicated, in a closed room filled with gas, Mr. Malas and the Greek Crotides are connected. The interpreter moans and the Greek is dead.

The person who responded to the announcement confirms the version of the great detective. When the intruders realized that their secret was revealed, they fled with the girl.

Much in this matter is still a mystery. A few months later, an article appeared in the newspaper about two Englishmen who traveled around Budapest accompanied by a woman. The men were found stabbed, and the woman disappeared. The Hungarian police came to the conclusion that men killed each other during a quarrel, but the great detective is inclined to think that the missing Greek woman avenged her brother.

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Summary “The Case of an Interpreter” by Doyle