Summary of “Russian Tales”

The Russian people are the guardian of the most amazing treasure, which is called folklore. There are puzzles, nursery rhymes, proverbs, sayings and, most importantly, fairy tales.

Russian folk tales – “Kroshechka-Khavroshechka”, “Geese-swans”, “Ivan Tsarevich and the Gray Wolf” (this is not the whole list) are known to every child and adult. They are built according to the basic scheme: first the hero gets into a difficult situation, then the magic object helps him, then he fights obstacles, and everything ends well. Some Russian fairy-tales have analogues in other countries, but nevertheless they are unique and interesting in their own way.

One of the most interesting stories is “Kroshechka-Havroshechka,” a brief summary of which we will now consider.

The fate of the orphan

The fate of an abandoned girl is described more than once in Russian fairy tales. So Kroshechka-Khavroshechka gets to the wicked

mistress. She has no parents at all, she grows up in a family that feeds her and feeds her. The mistress has three daughters – One-Eye, Two-Eye, Three-Eye. They have to work with Kroshechka-Havroshechka.

So the patient and resigned Kroshechka-Khavroshechka lives. The summary will not do without the second main character – Cows of Pestrruha.

Further events

From morning till night Kroshechka-Havroshechka has to work: revenge, clean, wash the mistress and her daughters. The hostess gives the girl an impossible, unworkable load. Little Kroshechka-Khavroshechka always comes with a lot of errands in the field, hugs Cow Pest and complains about her destiny. Pestukha is the only character in the tale who truly sympathizes with the poor girl. The cow comforts Tiny-Havroshechka: “Climb,” he says, “into my right ear and get out into the left.” So did the girl, and a miracle happened! The canvases themselves were woven and bleached. Then the hostess decided that it was no accident. She sent first the eldest daughter, then the middle one, and then the younger one to follow Kroshechka-Khavroshechka.

Three-eyes with the third eye saw what the girl was doing. Then the landlady ordered immediately to kill Pestruha.

The last order of the Peasants

I learned about the order of Kroshechka-Khavroshechka, ran to my beloved cow and began to cry. Pestruha calmed her down and told her not to eat her meat, but to collect stones and bury them in the garden. The girl did it. In addition to the cow’s meat, the hostess did not give anything to eat, but Kroshechka-Khavroshechka suffered. She collected all the bones of her favorite in a kerchief and carefully planted in the garden.

Wonderful ending of the tale “Kroshechka-Khavroshechka”

The summary of the fairy tale comes to an amazing end. In place of the buried bones of the cow appeared a wonderful apple tree. The sweetest and tasty apples grew on it, and the whole village was surprised and praised. It so happened that on one of the fine days the prince passed by the apple tree. He really wanted to try an apple, and he told his daughter’s daughters that he would marry the one who would bring the best fruit to him fastest. One-eyes ran – she peeled off her apple-tree branches with her face. She ran a two-eyes – she wore a spit from her apple tree, ran Three-Eyes – she could not reach the fruit. As soon as Kroshechka-Khavroshechka appeared, the apple-tree bent its branches to it, and the girl gave the prince an apple. He married her.

This is the short content of the tale “Kroshechka-Khavroshechka”. Fans of Russian folklore notice that all folk tales have a happy ending. So it happened in the tale “Kroshechka-Havroshechka”. The summary of the confirmation: the prince takes the girl to her palace, and they live happily ever after.

Fairy tales are one of the most valuable treasures belonging to Russian folklore. They need to know both children and adults. They educate in people kindness and honesty. The tale “Kroshechka-Khavroshechka” teaches to be patient with people, respecting someone else’s work. And if you are kind and disinterested, happiness will necessarily come, and if you respond to evil with good, then good will return in twofold.

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Summary of “Russian Tales”