Summary “Ovsyannikov’s Monogamy” by Turgenev

Ovsyannikov was a full, high-born, 70-year-old, with a face resembling Krylov’s face. With his clothes and manner of holding, he was like a well-to-do merchant. His importance, intelligence, laziness, perseverance and directness, he reminded me of the Russian boyars of pre-Petrine times. It was one of the last people of the old age. All the neighbors respected him very much. He lived with his wife in a cozy house, he dressed his people in Russian and called the workers, and did not betray himself for the nobleman. Out of habit, Ovsyannikov adhered to ancient customs, but he shaved his beard and cut his hair in German.

Selling bread Ovsyannikov considered for sin, and during the famine in the 40th year, distributed to the surrounding landowners all their stock. He was often approached by neighbors with a request to judge and always obeyed his advice. And he found his wife on his own. Tatiana Ilinichna Ovsyannikova was a woman of high, important and silent. Many poor people

called her benefactress. The right features still retain the remains of her famous beauty. The children did not have Ovsyannikovs.

I met him at Radilov’s and two days later I went to see him. He took me kindly and majestically. We talked about how people lived before, and how they live now. Against my expectation, Luka Petrovich Ovsyannikov did not praise the old time. He remembered how the homeless people were defenseless before the richer and stronger. Including I remembered my deceased grandfather, who took the wedge of the earth from him. I did not know what to answer Ovsyannikov, and did not dare look into his face.

Ovsyannikov also told about his other neighbor, Stepan Nikopoliyonych Komove. He liked very much to drink Komov and treat others to others, and if anyone refused to shoot, he threatened. Father Ovsyannikov fell in love with him. Slightly Komov did not drive him into the coffin, but he himself died: a drunk fell from the pigeon. He remembered Ovsyannikov how he lived in Moscow, saw there many nobles, including Count Alexei Grigoryevich Orlov-Chesmensky, whose uncle Luke Petrovich served

as a butler. There was a graph of tall stature and a mighty build, every man before his own person allowed and up to all the hunter was. He arranged somehow dog races, to which hunters from all over Russia came. All of them then rode Milovidka, my grandfather’s dog.

I asked Ovsyannikov if he liked hunting. He replied that it was embarrassing for him to follow the nobles-only to shame himself. Very surprised Ovsyannikov modern nobles: and people are scientists, and in matters do not know anything. As an example, he brought Vasily Nikolaevich Lubozonov, who received the estate as a legacy from his mother. The first time he went out to the men dressed as a coachman, and then began to live in his own estate as a stranger.

We had tea. Tatyana Ilinichna spoke with her husband about his neputevom nephew Mitya. He quit his service, began to compose requests and slanders for the peasants, and to take land surveyors to the surface. Finally, Ovsyannikov agreed to forgive him, and Mitya entered the room. He was a guy of 28, tall, slender and curly. He believed that he stood for truth, he did not take from the poor and he had nothing to be ashamed of.

Suddenly the door opened and Franz Ivanych Lezhen, my neighbor and the Oryol landowner entered. He was born in Orleans, and came to Russia during the war with Napoleon. On the way back, he fell into the hands of Smolensk peasants, who were going to drown him in the ice-hole of the river Gniloterki. The landowner passed by and bought the Frenchman from the peasants. From this landowner Lezhen moved to another, married his pupil, gave his daughter to marry Orel landowner Lobyzanieva and moved himself to live in the Eagle. With Ovsyannikov, Lezhen was in friendship.

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Summary “Ovsyannikov’s Monogamy” by Turgenev