“In the storm” Serafimovich in summary

On the sea, Grandfather Agafon and Andreika are fishing in the boat. They pull the fish caught in the net. The boy unintentionally releases the carp into the water, for which the grandfather painfully beats his tarred rope.

Andrei is an orphan. When his father left for the Kuban and disappeared, the mother, along with the little Andrei, went in search of him. In the winter, she was very cold and died in the hut of Grandfather Agafon and his wife, who sheltered a woman with a child. His children Grandfather Agathon died in about the time of the epidemic. Grandfather and his wife left the boy with a welcome. When Andrei was four years old, Agathon’s wife died. At the age of 7, Andrei began to help the old man to fish. Agathon often told the boy about what is happening in the depths of the sea, what kind of fish they swim.

All that they earned by fishing, my grandfather drank. Often Agathon severely punished the boy for disobedience. Andrei loved to visit Spiridonikha

– Agama’s kuma. She fed the boy pies. Andreika complained about his grandfather, who beat him. To this Spiridonikha answered: “You are to the advantage, fool, – beat and regret, you teach good in your favor, and you listen to it and do not cross it.” “Spiridonikha’s grandmother was the only person with whom Andrei felt warm.”

Andreka was angry with his grandfather for beatings and thought even to run away from him: “What am I to him a son or something, or a serf, that he strikes me, no matter what I get? … I’ll go into the city, I’ll work in the workers or on the shore in the artel will become I’ll pull it off without hesitation, but I will not go without it for nothing: I’ll turn the boat in a boat and shut up a little rag, and I’ll go to the steppe, I’ll lie on the mound and look. “Here he will take water and wash the rag and He began to swim, and would cry: “Andrei, I will drown. And I’ll scream to him: “Aha! … And remember how you beat me, I peeled my shirt…”


my grandfather orders me to turn to the shore. But they do not have time, the storm begins. The grandfather ordered to throw out all the fish, so that the boat was lighter and sailed to the shore, but this does not help either. Andrei gets scared, he screams and cries. Grandfather put Andrei on the steering wheel and said that he ruled the willow, and he crossed himself and rushed overboard. The boat went easier.

“Andrey was all enraptured with the realization that he was saved.” Looking around, he saw his grandfather’s head black with water. “Andreika’s idea of ​​a grandfather was connected with the idea of ​​a harsh one, which could not be resisted by anything, and now the sight of this helplessly rising and falling with the waves of the head struck him.” Andrey shouted in a piercing childish voice: “De-sour! “Swallowing tears, Andreka turned the boat back to his grandfather back into the sea, where” the waves were threateningly “.

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“In the storm” Serafimovich in summary