Summary of “Lady with a Dog” by Chekhov

Dmitry Gurov – a young employee of the bank (under 40), who has a philological education, is on vacation in Yalta. At home, there is a wife in Moscow who he does not like and often changes to, a twelve-year-old daughter and 2 sons studying at the gymnasium. Appearance and character of Dmitry were endowed with something attractive, which pleased women and attracted them. He himself does not respect women, considering them “the lowest race,” but at the same time, he needs them and he often tries to find love adventures in which he has a lot of experience. “Walking along the embankment, Dmitry meets a young lady. blonde of short stature, strolling with a white spitz, from vacationers, she received the nickname “Lady with a dog.” Dmitry decides to screw up a lady with a novel and meets her at dinner in the city garden. Between them began a conversation,

The lady with the dog bore the name Anna, she was a native of Petersburg, but here she came from

another city of S. in which she has been living for 2 years. Anna is the wife of an official with the surname von Diederitz. Anna is not interested in her husband’s affairs and does not even remember where he works. From what it becomes clear that her husband does not like and is deeply unhappy in his personal life.

The novel of their twists after a week from the date of acquaintance. Anna is deeply going through her fall, expecting that Dmitry will stop respecting her. Dmitry in meditation. Anna gives him an oath that all her life she dreamed of a pure real life and that she was unhappy with sin. Dmitry tries to calm her down and cheer him up, trying to portray a passion that, most likely, does not. The novel runs steadily and seems to be safe for both. They expect the arrival of her husband, but instead, the husband sends a letter to Anna with a request to return. Dmitry escorts Anna to the station on horseback, during the break-up Anna Sergeyevna does not cry, but her face reflects sadness and soreness. Dmitry also feels sad and sad and after Anna’s departure makes a decision to return home.


Moscow rhythm of life fascinates Dmitry. He loves this city, his clubs, meals in restaurants. Yalta novel begins to forget, but suddenly it starts to worry the image of Anna. On the street, he tried to find women who looked like her. Love begins to flare up in him, separation from Anna starts to hurt him, which intensifies because he has the opportunity to share these feelings with someone. In the end, Dmitry decides to go to the city of S. where he settles in a hotel and finds out from the doorman the house in which Von Diederitz lives. Naturally, he can not pay a visit to them, therefore he watches Anna in the theater. There he sees her husband and notes in him something provincially boring and lackey-modest. Anna notices Dmitri, but she is frightened, and she persuades Dmitry to leave the city, promising that she herself will come to him.

In the end, one of the meetings between Anna and Dmitry is described. Anna sobs, Dmitry orders tea and gives Anna the opportunity to cry. Then he draws near to her and takes him by the shoulders. In the mirror, he notices that he begins to turn gray, and also draws attention to the signs of aging in recent times. He realizes that he and Anna have made a fatal mistake in their lives and only now, when old age is close, they have learned true love. They are close, like a wife, the most important thing for them is a meeting with each other.

And they think that a little bit more, and they will find a solution that will lead to a new beautiful life, but they both realized that until the end is very, very long, and all the most difficult and difficult in their lives is just beginning.

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Summary of “Lady with a Dog” by Chekhov