Summary “Korolek birdie singing” Gyuntekina

Summary “Korolek birdie singing” Gyuntekina

Feride, the main heroine, was left without a mother, even when she was 6 years old, spent her early childhood in the barracks, since her father was a military man. After the mother died, her father took her to his wife’s relatives, in Istanbul, to the richest family of the city. When the father had a presentiment of his death, he identified her in a Catholic French boarding school. Her relatives were very fond of her, despite the fact that she was not accustomed to secular manners, living around the military and climbing trees and throwing stones almost like a boy. She got away with everything, and for her passion for climbing trees, she was nicknamed a bird-king, Chalykusha. Most of the upbringing was taken over by her aunt Besim, and her children Kamran and Nedzhmie Feride did not

like. They were her opposites – the daughter did not get off her mother’s knees, and the boy was pampered and spoiled.

One of the beautiful widows of Neriman-khanim visited the house of her aunt. Everyone admired her, only Feride did not believe her sincerity, but believed that she was in mourning, because she was black. She also did not understand the purpose of her visits, because neither Auntie nor Nejimie did not approach her as friends, but then she guessed that she was looking at Kamran, because then he was already 20 years old. While Feride was on vacation, in her aunt’s house, she accidentally witnessed their confessions of love, became angry and burst out laughing loudly, which they could not help noticing. Kamran then begged her not to tell anyone, and Neriman-khanim did not appear in this house anymore. Kamran began to give gifts to Feride, and relatives decided that he began to take care of his cousin.

When Feride returned after a vacation to the boarding school, she noticed that all the girlfriends meet with the guys and laugh at her, calling her “flask.” Then she began to lie, that she met Kamran, although she did not understand anything about the relationship between men and women, and then Kamran began to come to her in the boarding school. Suspecting him, she soon realized that

he was going to her, because Neriman herself was living nearby, and at home she said that she was going to Ferida. Suddenly she finds out that the widow is married again.

The next vacation to Feride was in the house of another aunt in Tekirdag. This beautiful girl made a sensation in the town, that young people began to come to her. Her favorite cousin was cousin Mujgyan, who had an ugly appearance and suffered and envied Feride. She once told her that she had invented a romance with Kamran, after which Muzhgyan guessed that she liked the cousin and told him everything as soon as he arrived. Then Kamran made a proposal to Feride, she agreed, but they had to wait four years until she finished studying. A little later, Kamran was invited to work in Europe, he waited for Feride’s consent and she hardly agreed.

He returned just when she had finished her studies and immediately began to prepare for the wedding, but then an unknown woman came to Ferida. She told her about her friend Munnever, who was treated in Europe after an unsuccessful novel and there she met Kamran. She showed her his letters for Munnever, where there were confessions of love and said that she, being sick, would not be able to bear if he married another. Ferida, in horror, collecting all her things and leaving a note that she knows everything has left the house.

To break ties with the family, she went to the most distant part of Turkey to work as a teacher. But there an error occurred and a local woman claimed the teacher’s place, which rolled the tantrum as soon as the director tried to come up with something about the arrangement of Feride and all the people attacked Chalikush as the culprit of all ills. Then the official offered that place in a neighboring village in the mountains, with cheap products, a comfortable apartment and a new school that needed such a young woman. She naively believed him and only the hotelier told her that in fact, on that place they decided to leave her, but the rival had arranged everything. When she got to a new place of work, only then did she understand how she was deceived! She was sent to a remote village in the mountains, where two barns were repaired in a hurry – a school and a “comfortable house for a teacher”, whose inhabitants still lived according to medieval laws. Accustomed to luxury, she tried not to lose heart.

From her pupils, Feride has singled out Munise, a beautiful girl of 10 years, who did not always go to school, saying that she had a lot of work at home, then she noticed that she was not liked in the village. Students, noticing that she likes the teacher, beat her, and later Feride learned that her mother left her with her father and left with her lover, their romance failed and now she is a prostitute, and the girl now has a stepmother, who constantly harasses her. Once, avoiding the beatings of her stepmother, Munisee fled to Ferida, and the village elder helped get her father’s approval for her residence with the teacher. A little time had passed and letters from Kamran began to come to Feerida, which she burned without reading, but once she was able to read on the unburned slice of leaf that her aunt is constantly crying over her and Kamran suffers very much.

Then the school had to close, and Feride returned to the city of B. in which she lived before being sent to work in the village. Munise decides to leave with her. Thanks to chance, Feride was given a place in the women’s school, where she was loved. Special attention was paid to it by the school’s owner and composer Sheikh Yusuf-efendi, who was famous all over the country, who was hopelessly sick, because of what he did not want to confess her feelings. Then he passed away, after which Feridas began to look askance, after which she again had to leave.

Then she found a job in the military town of Ch, where she began to receive offers to marry from different men. Everyone was refused, even a handsome and noble Lieutenant Ishan. At school, she began to look askance at her because she was using such attention from men, and then she had a girlfriend who, as it turned out, lured her to a party where she was paying attention to Colonel Bukhardin. Feride ran to the headmistress for advice, and she told her that Nazmy was mean and already lured many girls, and it’s impossible to get rid of her. Then the headmistress gave Feride a letter of recommendation to her friend of the school’s director on the island of Kusadasi who would help her. Before her departure, she was brought a bouquet of roses. She did not know who these flowers were from, but she understood everything after having accidentally heard the conversation of two military men, that Ishan summoned Bukhardin to a duel to stand up for her honor. Iskhan, from serious punishment, the dissatisfaction of Bukhardin’s lasciviousness and the connection of his uncle saved him. Then, as a token of gratitude, she saved several rose petals in her diary.

At the new place, Feride was waiting for a new disappointment – that director was sick, and there were no vacancies. She was upset, because savings were decreasing every day, and she still had a child in her arms. Then she received an invitation to become a governess in the house of the head of the department of education. Her duties included the education of his two daughters, who invited her once for the evening, when the guests gathered. There they watched family photos, where she saw Kamran, whom everyone admired. Those who surrounded her that night said that he was married to Munnever, who was a relative of the hostess of the house. I also learned from their mouths that he loved his cousin, who was brought up from them, that she was loved in that house, suffered her leprosy, and she ran away a few days before the wedding, and then Kamran almost fell ill with grief. Ferida, through force, asked the owner, was Kamran in some way guilty, to which she said that of course not. Then Feride refused to work.

In the department of education, she met the director, to whom she carried her letter of recommendation. He arranged for her to go to school, but after the outbreak of the war, she was turned into a hospital whose chief doctor turned out to be her old acquaintance. He was a childless widower and became attached to Ferida as a daughter. She began to help him bandage the soldiers and among them met Ishan, whose face was disfigured by a slight scar. Khairullah said that now he would not like the girls, to which he objected Feride and told her story with Kamran. Chief Physician Khairullah realized that she still loves him, but Ferida tried to prove the opposite, made a proposal to Ishan, who did not want to accept such a sacrifice and refused, went to the front. Soon after the illness, Munise died, and Feride Khayrullah, who had fallen ill from nervous breakdown, brought him to his house to cure him. After that went dirty rumors and gossip, then he decided to marry her, so that he could protect her. Before the wedding, she made the last entry in the diary, confessing that she loved Kamran so far. (end of the diary of Feride)

Three years later, Kamran left to treat his spiritual wounds in Tekirdag, where he poured out his uncle’s soul, from which he learned about Feride’s novel with Yusuf-efendi, composer. Then, from despair, he married Munnever to himself. After the birth of her son, she died, and he loved only Feride, but she was married. The family actually accused him of having run away from home. But suddenly he met Ferida, who came to visit relatives. He decided to renew the relationship, but she stopped, because she was married. She was already going to leave, as she sent to Kyamran Muzhgan, so that she handed him a package from her recently deceased husband, who took from her the promise that she would make peace with her relatives and give the package to Kamran. In the package, he found her diary, which, as it turned out, was put there by her deceased husband, because their marriage was fictitious, and he wanted her to be happy.

Summary “Korolek birdie singing” Gyuntekina