Summary “Golden words”

“When I was little, I loved to have dinner with adults, and my sister Lelya loved such dinners as much as I did.” So begins the story Zoshchenko, which is conducted on behalf of the boy Minky. The desire of children to be at the table had several reasons. The first was a lot of varied food. The second – adults told many interesting facts from life. At first the children sat quietly at the table, but eventually became emboldened and also began to share their life experiences. Children’s utterances mixed guests. And the parents were proud that in these conversations the mind and the development of their children are visible. But one dinner changed this “custom”.

Chief of the Pope Minky told an incredible story about how he saved the firefighter. “This fireman seemed to have burned out in a fire, and Dad’s boss pulled him out of the fire.” The children did not like this story. Lelia was sitting on needles. She wanted to tell her

story, in her opinion, more interesting. And since the chief was talking very slowly, the girl could not stand it and interrupted the narrator: “This is what!” There was one girl in the yard… “Lelya did not continue her story, as her mother barked at her, and her father looked severely. The chief blushed with anger and resented the fact that the children sit at the same table with adults and interrupt them.

The girl reminded me of the place where the chief stopped. And then she noticed that the pimpered firefighter could not tell him “Merci”, since he was lying unconscious. And again I began to tell my story. Now she got a slap from her mother. The guests smiled. And the chief blushed even more. But the boy decided to fix the situation. He told us that there are different kinds of people who are sick. But, as a rule, they mutter themselves without knowing what. So instead of “guard”, he could well say “merci”. The guests laughed. The chief, who was already shaking with anger, told his parents: “You do not bring up children well, they just do not

give a fuck-they always interrupt with stupid remarks.”

Grandmother all this time watching what is happening, noticed that Lelia instead of repentance continued to eat for two. The girl quietly noticed that the angry water is carried. However, the chief heard these words and took them at his own expense. He gasped in surprise and again turned to the girl’s parents: “Whenever I’m going to visit you and remember about your children, I really do not want to go to you.” This time, Dad said that because of the bad behavior of children at the table, they are not allowed to have dinner with adults from this time. And now he invited them to finish their tea and leave the room.

“Doyev sardines, Lelei and I retired to the cheerful laughter of the guests.” After this incident, the children did not sit down at the table with adults for two months. Once, when the father was in a good mood, they persuaded him again to allow them to sit with them at the same table. He agreed, but forbade them to say anything at the table: “One of your words spoken aloud – and you will not sit at the table.”

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Summary “Golden words”