Summary “Lonely Cyclist”

After the death of Violet’s father, Smith and his mother were left without a livelihood. The girl earned her living by music lessons. Ralph Smith’s brother Ralph Smith has long gone to Africa. Recently two gentlemen, Mr. Woodley and Mr. Carruthers, complained to them and told them that their friend Ralph Smith, dying, asked to find his brother’s family and help him. Mr. Carruthers made a favorable impression on Violet, but Mr. Woodley was disgusted. Widow Mr. Carruthers suggested to Wyayole for good salary to teach the music of his young daughter. The girl agreed. She liked the inhabitants of the house.

On Saturdays, she always rode a bicycle to the railway station. Behind her was a bearded bicyclist, and most likely from Charlington Hall. Alarmed by this, she came to ask advice from the great detective.
In the story of the girl Holmes noticed a few discrepancies. First, why Ralph Smith, for a long time not interested in the lives of his relatives, suddenly

remembered them. Secondly, what connects Mr. Carruthers and Mr. Woodley. Thirdly, why Carruthers pays such a decent salary to a girl.

Holmes sent Dr. Watson to find out who lives at Charlington Hall.
Watching the road leading from the manor to the station, the doctor saw a bearded bicyclist. He reached the estate and hid. When Violet appeared, she followed her. Understanding in this matter, Watson learned that the Charlington Hall manor was rented a month ago by Mr. Williamson.
In the meantime, Holmes received a letter from Violet, in which it was said that the owner of the house had proposed to her the day before, but she could not accept it, since she was engaged to another. Now she will have to leave work.

Entering the local pub, Sherlock Holmes found out that Mr. Williamson used to be a priest, and with the worst reputation. He lives alone, and he often has Mr. Woodley.
On Saturday, when the girl was supposed to go home, Holmes and Watson went to the manor on foot. A stroller came to meet them, which turned out to be empty. The cyclist was on his way. When he saw that the girl

was not in the carriage, he quickly ran into the forest, and Holmes and Watson followed him. The groom, who had taken Violet to the station, was wounded. The girl was unconscious and tied to a tree. Next to her stood Woodley and an elderly priest, who produced a marriage ceremony. He announced Mr. Woodley and Violet Smith as husband and wife. The cyclist, who turned out to be Mr. Carruthers, fired at Woodley. Sherlock Holm sent the man in charge of the stable to the police.

The story cleared up. Woodley and Carruthers, upon learning that Ralph Smith bequeathed his fortune to his niece, immediately came from Africa to England. According to the planned plan, one of them had to marry her, and the other to get some of the fortune. The role of her husband Violety Woodley won the cards. Mr. Carruthers invited the girl as a music teacher to her home, Vuddy visited them on a visit. The priest deprived of his dignity had to marry Woody and Vilet, but Carruthers fell in love with the girl and tried to prevent it. He quarreled with his friend, and then Woodley decided to independently implement the plan.
Violeta, having inherited a large uncle’s condition, married her fiancé.

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Summary “Lonely Cyclist”