“Peter Pan” by J. Barry in summary

In the Darling family there are three children-pogodkov. The older one is Wendy, then John goes, and then Michael. They have an unusual nanny – a big black diver dog named Nana. One evening, going into the bedroom to the children who were already in bed, Mrs. Darling sees a boy coming into the window, followed by a strange glowing speck. From surprise she cries out, Nena runs to the scream. The boy manages to bolt out the window, but Nena’s teeth remain his shadow! Mrs. Darling rolls it up and puts it in the drawer of the dresser.

A few days later, Mrs. and Mr. Darling are going to visit. In a hurry, Mr. Darling faces Nana, and on his trousers – that’s the trouble! – the wool remains. Mr. Darling pushes Nan into the yard and puts her on the chain. As soon as the parents leave the house, a small light flashes to the children – this is the fairy Ding-Ding, she is looking for a shadow. Following her, Peter Pan appears. On the sign of Dinh-Dinh,

Peter discovers a shadow and tries to attach it back, but nothing comes out. Peter begins to cry, and his sobbing wakes Wendy. Learning what’s wrong, Wendy sews a shadow to Peter’s heels. It hurts a little, but he suffers. Feeling confidence in Wendy, Peter tells her about himself: he ran away from home, deciding never to become an adult. He lives on the island Netinebudet along with the lost boys. At the same time it turns out something about the fairies: it turns out, fairies are born from childish laughter and each child has his own fairy. But if someone thinks of “stupidity, there are no fairies in the world” – and the fairy dies.

Learning that Wendy can tell fairy tales, Peter is calling Wendy on the island, so she tells stories and was the mother of all the lost boys. Wendy hesitates, but still agrees. Together with her, John and Michael fly.

The inhabitants of the island are preparing for a meeting with Peter. The boys are looking for a place where Peter will land. Pirates, led by Captain Jez Hook, are looking for boys, redskins are looking for pirates, and wild animals

are looking for redskins to eat them.

Warning Wendi’s arrival, the fairy Ding-Din appears. She, on behalf of Peter, orders the boys to shoot Wendy from the bow. They have no reason to doubt, and one of them shoots. Wendy falls to the ground and lies as if dead. But she did not die, she was saved by an acorn hung around her neck, a gift from Peter Pan, – an arrow shot into him. But Wendy is very weak, and all the boys, led by Peter flew up, build her a house, erecting it right around her. The house turns out to be pretty. Wendy is seriously engaged in her duties: she prepares, erases, darns and, of course, tells tales.

Pirates do not leave the boys alone. Captain Hook – his name is so since Peter cut off his arm, instead of which he had to fix an iron hook – he can not forgive Peter for that, especially since his hand was swallowed by a crocodile, to which she so much liked, that he constantly hunts Hook, it’s good that he can be heard by the ticking of the captain’s wristwatch, which did not stop walking in the crocodile belly. The captain comes to the idea of ​​baking a poisoned cake for the boys, but he can not achieve anything in this way – Wendy does not allow them to eat sweet, and the cake safely grows stale in the clearing until the captain himself stumbles over him in the dark and does not fall to the ground. Once the pirates want to tie the Indian princess Tiger Lily to the rock in the lagoon, to be flooded by the tide. Peter Pan manages to deceive the pirates, ordering them to let her go. Then Peter has to fight with Hook, and he hurts him. Peter saves the bird. No.

One evening, Wendy tells the boys their favorite fairy tale – about how they lived-there were one gentleman and one lady in the world who once flew to the island of Netinebudet. And how they always kept the window open so that the children could fly home.

Peter objected to Wendy: he, too, had been thinking about mothers before, so he did not hurry to return. And when he arrived, the window was closed, and another boy was sleeping in his bed.

Here John and Michael, the Wendy brothers, understand that we must hurry home. Wendy calls with himself and the other boys, confident that her parents will certainly adopt them. Everyone agrees, except Peter Pan, who does not want to become big. Peter asks the Indians to spend Wendy and the boys, but then again pirates intervene. They manage to smash the Indians with dishonest ways and take Wendy and the boys into captivity. Peter learns of this from Ding-Ding and hurries to the rescue. There is a decisive battle between Peter Pan and Captain Hook. The pirates are defeated. The boys and Wendy are flying home.

And at this time in London, Mrs. and Mr. Darling continue to wait for the children and never close the children’s windows. And Mr. Darling can not forgive himself that he drove Nen out of the house that night and put her on the chain. Therefore, he swore before returning the children to live in a doghouse, he was taken to work in her and brought from work. Mrs. Darling sits at the piano and begins to play. At this time, arrive Peter and Dinh-Dinh. They close the window so that Wendy decides that her mother no longer waits for her and does not like her, and would return with Peter to the island. But in the sounds of music, great sorrow is heard, and Peter opens the window again. Wendy, John and Michael fly into the window and climb into their beds. The mother discovers them, calls her father, and Nana rushes into the room. Everyone is happy. And the boys are waiting downstairs, while Wendy tells parents about them. Having counted up to five thousand, they enter the house and line up in front of Mrs. Darling. Of course, both Mrs. and Mr. Darling decided to adopt them! Peter again flies to the island. He promises Wendy to fly next year, but forgets about it. And when Peter reappears, Wendy is already married and she has a little daughter, Jane.

Not noticing the changes, Peter calls with Wendy, but she refuses with a sigh, because she is already an adult. Wendy leaves the room to calm down, and Peter Pan sits on the floor and cries. His sobbing awakens Jane.

And everything repeats itself again.

When Jane grows up, her daughter Margaret is born, and now Margaret flies with Peter Pan to the island Netinebudet… And this will continue until the children cease to be so cheerful, uncomprehending and heartless.

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“Peter Pan” by J. Barry in summary