Summary “History of the serf boy” Alekseyev

Summary “History of the serf boy” Alekseyev

Chapter first. Lady Mavra Ermolaevna

Mitya Myshkin lived in the village of Zakopanka. When the boy turned ten years old, a misfortune happened – the lady decided to sell the whole Myshkin family. Bidding was in the market in Chudovo, in a row next to the cattle. Krivoy Sawa, who was also sold, taught Mitya howl to howl, as soon as the buyer approaches – then, you see, they will not buy. The day was coming to an end, but there was no demand for Zakopane peasants. Mitka had already calmed down, but then the old lady came up and wished to buy one boy, although the whole family was on sale. Mitka roared in vain, his mother Aksinya called in vain, bought the boy for three rubles.

The mistress Mavra Ermolaevna was a landowner of the poor. She had no children, the husband-officer

died in the war, and the lady lived on pension. There were two serfs in the household, Arkhip and Varvara. Life in the house of Mavra Ermolaevna was boring and painful. The lady got up at dawn, watched over the farm, fed the geese, after dinner she slept, and at eight o’clock went to bed. On Saturdays she flogged her serfs with birches, “to be respected.”

Mitka Arkhip and Varvara had regretted, and hid the rods under the bar stool. Mavra Ermolaevna immediately suspected the boy and put him in the gusatnik until he confessed. Frightened by Mitka the evil gander, waved his stick and broke his neck. And then the lady and the birch found. Bitter Mitka long and painful. Then the mistress took the boy into the house, into his service. It was hard for Myshkin: the lady’s insomnia, and he can not sleep. Yes, and hit Mitka more than once. The boy decided to run away, began to ask the mistress where the road from the estate leads, ran into another flogging, but did not change his mind.

Chapter two. Dasha

The estate of Mavra Ermolaevna bordered with the vast possessions of Count Gushchina. Managed the count’s estate German Franz Ivanovich Neiman. The earl himself came to the estate only for a new year, with a bunch of guests, and started all sorts of fun. And now he has written to the

manager that he sends artists to St. Petersburg from St. Petersburg, and ordered the choir and orchestra to be assembled from local muzhiks and women.

Mitka meanwhile put the geese on the mouth. Arkhip poked his pipe, and the boy learned to play it. Paz somehow Mitka the geese on the border with the count’s estate. Franz drove by, heard the boy playing deftly on the pipe, and bought it from Mavra Yermolaevna for two sacks of oats and an old Count’s featherbed. Settled Myshkin, along with a good aunt Agafia and furious yard girl Palashka, who reported to the German about everything that is happening in Barabiha.

The estate was huge, with household buildings and kennels, commanded by Fedka, a dumb and terrible man with ragged nostrils. The German musicians gathered from all the count’s villages, and in the autumn the artists arrived. To the surprise of Mitka, the troupe was also serf. This was told to the boy by one of the artists, the girl Dasha, whose parents were also sold.

The children became friends. Mitka boasted to his girlfriend that he was gathering biscuits to run to his parents in Zakopanka. He boasted – and regretted: Myshkin liked this big estate. But there was no turning back. One night Mitka decided to flee, but the cache where the biscuits were stored was caught by Palashka. The boy bit the girl by the hand and left. In the pursuit they sent Fedor to the dogs. That boy overtook, but did not betray Franz, hid himself in his kennels. A few days later, Mitka was found and flogged with rods. Fyodor also got it. The boy realized that the hound was not at all terrible, and his nostrils were torn at him for his service at Emelian Pugachev. After whipping Mitka recovered himself on the kennels, Dasha and Fedor did not leave him, and it was good for the boy to be at home.

Meanwhile, winter came. Franz did not like the friendship of the children – she distracted Dasha from the preparation for the New Year’s performance. Dasha was forced to ask Mitya not to come to her. On the day of the dress rehearsal, Mitka could not stand it and quietly made his way into the hall – he really wanted to look at Dasha. Fluttering around the stage in a light dress of a butterfly, the girl stumbled and fell. Franz took a stick over it. Mitka jumped out and blocked his girlfriend. Dasha grabbed his arm and ran out into the cold.

Myshkin brought her back, but late – Dasha chilled her lungs. On New Year’s Eve the girl died. After waiting for the estate to fall asleep, Mitka propped the door of the manager’s house with a stake, threw it under the windows of the straw and set it on fire. Rushing yard wanted to save the Germans, but Fyodor did not allow: he stood with a club at the door. Franz burned down, and Mitka left the same night

Chapter Three. Guards Lieutenant

Mitka got out on the big road, where he, half-frozen, was picked up by a young guard officer heading to Petersburg. The officer Myshkin drove to the station, he wanted to surrender as a runaway, but the boy slipped away, dived back into the sleigh. At the next station, officer Mitka found, laughed and took himself. Mitka became a batman in the lieutenant of the Life Guards of the Imperial Regiment Alexander Vasilyevich Vyazemsky. The new master turned out to be kind, cheerful, telling interesting stories about the war with the Turks, and the boy served him not for fear, but for conscience.

Soon Vyazemsky argued with one dragoon major. There was a duel, after which the Life Guards Officer turned into an army lieutenant and went to the active army. He wanted to send Mitka to his estate, but the boy persuaded the master to take him with him to the war “to beat the Turk.”

So Mitka got to the Turkish fortress Ishmael. To take an impregnable fortress Suvorov himself came. Once the great commander noticed Mitka, and ordered Vyazemsky to send the child away from the war. The lieutenant pulled out with his departure, and the boy had to sit beside him in a tent.

The storming of Ismail began on the night of December 11, 1790. Watching from afar after the battle, Mitka noticed the lieutenant – he first climbed to the wall of the fortress, and then fell, wounded in the side. Mitka rushed to save the master, made his way into the taken Ishmael and pulled the lieutenant out of the fight. At the gate, Mitka confronted Suvorov. He tore the boy by the ear, and then awarded a medal for courage and devotion.

A few days later Vyazemsky was forgiven for a duel, and the lieutenant went back to St. Petersburg. Mitkoi was proud of the officer and vowed not to give it to anyone. In Peter, Vyazemsky got a new friend – Captain Pikin. Suvorov, he called an upstart and believed that serfs should be kept strictly. Vyazemsky suffered Pikin only because he did not know the measures in the card game. Once they started playing, and Vyazemsky lost his loyal Mitka. Myshkin did not wait until his captain was given back, he left.

Chapter Four. Kind gentleman

A few days after the escape, Mitka met Sava on the market. He said that the owners of Zakopanka were completely ruined, and Mitya’s parents were sold to General Yusupovsky. Sawa took the boy to his parents, who had long ago buried him.

Prince Gavrila Zakharovich Yusupovsky, a general of the Russian army, retired because of a serious wound to the head and took up farming. The master was kind, but at times strange attacks happened to him, and the mongrel called the general “blessed.” On the day of his son’s arrival, Kuzma Myshkin rushed to the master’s feet, and he agreed to buy the boy from Count Gushchin – the military exploits of Mitka were very much liked by the general.

A week the boy lived quietly, and then the boy had to entertain the master. He plays cards with him, and loses everything so that the general can spank him with a deck. Then the general will start a military drill – Mitka again puffs up. Even the Empress Catherine the Great had to visit the boy. And the strangeness of the prince grew stronger every day.

Curved Savva Yusupovsky also soon ransom. Mitka together with him went to the market in St. Petersburg, and somehow met his aunt Agafia. She said that the silent Fedor was sentenced to penal servitude for having “decided the German and set the house on fire.” Then Mitka said that he had set the house on fire.

For a year Mitya lived with his parents when Yusupovsky remembered that he had never bought the boy. He sent his manager to Count Gushchin. He found out in the count’s estate about arson and Palashka and the soldier brought Myshkin to arrest. They summoned Mitka. He entered, saw Palashka, knocked out a window with a chair – and to the droshky who stood at the house. Only he was seen. Good luck to you, Mitya Myshkin!

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Summary “History of the serf boy” Alekseyev