Summary “The History of a City” by Saltykov-Shchedrin

The story describes the life of the city of Glupov for a hundred years before 1825. The chronicle of the city during this time was conducted by four archivists. The history of Glupov is directly connected with the period of the rule of the various mayors. In the first prehistoric chapter, the author considers the origin of the city’s population. The people of the bastards were able to defeat other tribes. Golovotyapy decided to find a prince to manage them. Many rulers refused to rule over a stupid people. One of them agreed, but he did not live in the city, leaving behind himself a governor-a novator. The governor was a thief. The prince sent a loop to the dishonest newcomer. But he did not wait and killed himself with a cucumber. After this, the prince appointed several more rulers instead of himself. But they all stole terribly. The prince himself arrived in Glupov and from that moment the historical period in the life of the city began. Next, the work describes the city governors

of Glupov, tells biographies of the most significant.

Dementy Varlamovich Brudasty was very sullen and laconic. He always used two phrases: “I will not stand it and I’ll ruin.” One day the writer saw an incredible picture. The broodtail was sitting at the table as usual, but his head lay separately and was completely empty. It turned out that the head of the mayor contained only two organics with melodies: I will not stand and ruin. But somehow, due to dampness, my head went out of order. Watchmaker Baibakov ordered a new head in the capital. But she did not come on time, so Bruda was without a head.

After that, there were two self-styled bosses in the city. The messenger from the province quickly took them. But Foolov plunged into anarchy. During the week, the city was ruled by six women town governors. Residents quickly tired of such confusion. The new mayor was Semyon Konstantinovich Dvokurov. His activities for the city had a positive significance, he even dreamed of opening an academy in the city.

Pyotr Petrovich Ferdyshchenko managed the city for the first six years in

a very coordinated way, Glupov flourished during these years. But then the governor was beguiled by a demon. He blazed with feelings for coachman’s wife Alenka. She refused the mayor. Then Ferdyshchenko exiled her husband to Siberia, and Alenka had to obey. But as a punishment for such actions, a drought came to the city, and behind it hunger. Residents then dropped Alenka from the bell tower. Ferdyshchenko wrote various letters to his superiors, even a detachment of soldiers arrived in Foolov. When the mayor again fell in love with Domashka, strong fires began in the city. The governor was frightened and refused from Domashka. The power of Ferdyshchenko ended on a journey when he died from overeating.

Vasilisk Semyonovich Borodavkin became the new mayor. He considered himself an intelligent ruler and even waged wars for the enlightenment of the people. During his reign, Foolov began to be in decline.

Another ruler Feofilakt Irinarkhovich Benevolsky liked to publish various laws, although he had no right to do so. So he threw leaflets with laws at night. The mayor was dismissed for his cooperation with Napoleon.

Then he was led by Lieutenant Colonel Pimple. He actually did not participate in the management, but the city was surprisingly developed due to excellent harvests. It turned out that Pimple had a stuffed head, which the leader ate, sensing from her the smell of truffles.

At the next town governor – State Councilor Erast A. Andreevich Grustilov, Glupov did not develop at all. Laziness and debauchery became characteristic features of the Foolovites. The mayor spent all his time at balls. Soon the famine came to Foolov. Grustilov was soon removed. For a hundred years, the last mayor was Ugryum Burcheev. He did not have a special mind, in fact, he was an idiot. Burcheyev decided to completely rebuild the city. Fools were destroyed to the ground. The new construction was hampered by the river, but Burcheev failed to block its course, although he tried very hard. Therefore, Burcheev led the foolish man to the lowland, it was decided to build the city there. But something went wrong. The mayor literally disappeared into the air and disappeared without a trace. The story ended here.

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Summary “The History of a City” by Saltykov-Shchedrin