Summary “Fathers and Sons”

Roman Turgenev’s “Fathers and Sons” was written in 1861. He was immediately destined to become a symbol of the age. The author particularly clearly expressed the problem of the relationship between two generations.

For an understanding of the plot of the work, we suggest reading the “Fathers and Sons” in a summary of the chapters. The paraphrase is performed by the teacher of Russian literature, it reflects all the important moments of the work.

The average reading time is 8 minutes.

Main characters

Eugene Bazarov – a young man, a medical student, a vivid representative of nihilism, the current, when a person denies everything in the world.

Arkady Kirsanov is a recent student who came to the estate of his parents. Under the influence of Bazarov is fond of nihilism. At the end of the novel he understands that he can not live like this and refuses the idea.

Kirsanov Nikolai Petrovich – landowner, widower,

father of Arkady. Lives in the estate with Fenechka, who gave birth to his son. She adheres to the advanced ideas, loves poetry and music.

Kirsanov Pavel Petrovich – an aristocrat, a former military man. Brother Nikolai Kirsanov and uncle Arkady. A vivid representative of the liberals.

Bazarov Vasily Ivanovich – army surgeon in retirement, father of Eugene. He lives in the estate of his wife, is not rich. She is engaged in medical practice.

Bazarova Arina Vlasyevna is the mother of Eugene, a devout and very superstitious woman. Malformed.

Odintsova Anna Sergeevna – a rich widow who sympathizes with Bazarov. But the peace of mind in his life appreciates more.

Odintsova Katya is Anna Sergeyevna’s sister, a modest and quiet girl. Marries Arkady.

Other characters

Fenechka is a young woman who has a little son from Nikolai Kirsanov.

Victor Sitnikov – an acquaintance of Arkady and Bazarov.

Evdokiya Kukshina is a friend of Sitnikova, who shares the convictions of the nihilists.

Matvey Kolyazin – city official


The action begins in the spring of 1859. At the inn, a small landowner, Kirsanov, Nikolai Petrovich, awaits his son’s arrival. He is a widower, lives in a small estate and has 200 souls. In his youth, he was expected to have a military career, but a small injury to his leg prevented him. He graduated from university, got married and began to live in the village. Ten years after the birth of his son, his wife dies, and Nikolai Petrovich with his head goes to the farm and raising his son. When Arkady grew up, his father sent him to Petersburg to study. There he lived with him for three years and again returned to his village. He is very worried about the meeting, especially since his son is not alone.

Chapter 2.

Arkady introduces his father to a friend and asks him not to stand on ceremony. Eugene – a simple man, and you can not be shy. Bazarov decides to go to the tarantass, and Nikolai Petrovich and Arkady sit down in the stroller.

Chapter 3.

During the journey, the father can not soothe his joy from the meeting with his son, always tries to embrace him, asks about a friend. Arkady is a little shy. He tries to show his indifference and talks in a cheeky tone. He always turns to Bazarov, as if he is afraid that he will hear his reflections on the beauty of nature, that he is interested in things in the estate.
Nikolai Petrovich says that the estate has not changed. He hesitates a little, and tells his son that Fenya is living with him, and immediately hurries to say that she can leave if Arkady wants to. The son replies that this is not necessary. Both feel uncomfortable and change the subject of the conversation.

Looking at the desolation that prevailed around, Arkady thinks about the benefits of transformation, but he does not understand how to implement them. Conversation flows smoothly into the beauty of nature. Kirsanov senior tries to recite Pushkin’s poem. He interrupts Eugene, who asks Arkady to smoke. Nikolai Petrovich pauses and remains silent for the rest of the way.

Chapter 4.

At the manor’s house no one met them, only the old servant and the girl who had appeared for a moment. Coming out of the crew, the elder Kirsanov leads the guests into the living room, where he asks the servant to serve dinner. In the doorway, they come across a beautiful and very well-groomed elderly man. This is the elder brother of Nikolai Kirsanov, Pavel Petrovich. His impeccable appearance stands out strongly against the background of the untidy-looking Bazarov. An acquaintance took place, after which young people went to make themselves in order before dinner. Pavel Petrovich, in their absence, begins to ask his brother about Bazarov, whose appearance he did not like.

During the meal, the conversation did not stick. All spoke little, especially Eugene. After eating, everyone at once went to their rooms. Bazarov told Arkady his impressions of the meeting with his relatives. They quickly fell asleep. The Kirsanov brothers did not sleep for a long time: Nikolai Petrovich was still thinking about his son, Pavel Petrovich looked thoughtfully at the fire, and Fenechka looked at her little sleeping son, whose father was Nikolai Kirsanov. The summary of the novel “Fathers and Sons” does not convey all those feelings that the heroes experience.

Chapter 5.

Waking up early, Eugene goes for a walk exploring the neighborhood. Boys follow him and everyone goes to the swamp to catch frogs.

Kirsanovs gather on the veranda to drink tea. Arkady goes to the affected patient Fenechka, learns about the existence of a small brother. He rejoices and blames his father for concealing the fact of the birth of another son. Nikolay Kirsanov is touched and does not know what to say.

The senior Kirsanovs are interested in Bazarov’s absence and Arkady talks about him, says that he is a nihilist, a man who does not take principles for granted. Bazarov returned with frogs, which he took to the room for experiments.

Chapter 6.

During the joint morning tea, the company flared up a serious dispute between Pavel Petrovich and Eugene. Both do not try to hide their dislike for each other. Nikolai Kirsanov is trying to translate the conversation into another direction and asks Bazarov to help him with the choice of fertilizers. He agrees.

To somehow change Eugene’s mockery about Pavel Petrovich, Arkady decides to tell his friend his story.

Chapter 7.

Pavel Petrovich was a military man. Women adored him, and men envied. At 28, his career was just beginning, and he could go far. But Kirsanov fell in love with one princess. She had no children, but she had an old husband. She led the life of a windy coquette, but Pavel fell in love and could not live without it. After parting, he suffered very much, quit his service and 4 years went for her around the world.

Returning to his homeland, he tried to lead the same way of life as before, but when he learned of the death of his beloved, he went to the village to his brother, who at that time became a widower.

Chapter 8.

Pavel Petrovich does not know what to do with himself: he is present at the conversation of the manager and Nikolai Kirsanov, he goes to Fenechka to look at the little Mitya.

The history of Nikolai Kirsanov and Fenechka’s acquaintance: three years ago he met her in a tavern where she and her mother were not doing well. Kirsanov took them to the estate, fell in love with the girl, and after the death of her mother began to live with her.

Chapter 9.

Bazarov gets acquainted with Fenechka and the child, says that he is a doctor, and if there is a need, they can feel free to apply to him. Hearing how Nikolai Kirsanov plays the cello, Bazarov laughs, which causes Arkady’s disapproval.

Chapter 10.

In two weeks everyone was used to Bazarov, but they treated him differently: his courtmen loved him, Pavel Kirsanov hated him, and Nikolai Petrovich doubted his influence on his son. Once, he overheard the conversation between Arkady and Eugene. Bazarov called him a retired man, which is very offensive. Nikolay complained to his brother, who decided to rebuff the young nihilist.

An unpleasant conversation took place during the evening tea party. Calling one landowner “crap aristocracy”, Bazarov caused discontent of the elder Kirsanov, who began to assert that following the principles, a person benefits the society. Eugene in reply accused him of the fact that he also lives senselessly, like other aristocrats. Pavel Petrovich retorted that the nihilists, with their denial, only aggravated the situation in Russia.

A serious dispute erupted, which Bazarov called meaningless and the young people retired. Nikolai Petrovich suddenly remembered how long ago, as a young man, quarreled with his mother, who did not understand him. Now the same misunderstanding arose between him and his son. Parallel fathers and children – the main thing, which draws attention to the author.

Chapter 11.

Before going to bed, all the inhabitants of the estate were busy with their reflections. Nikolai Petrovich Kirsanov goes to his favorite summer-house, where he remembers his wife and reflects on life. Pavel Petrovich looks at the night sky and thinks about his own. Bazarov suggests that Arcadia go to the city and visit an old friend.

Chapter 12.

Friends left for the city, where they spent time in the company of a friend of the Bazarov family, Matvey Ilyin, visited the governor and received an invitation to the ball. A longtime acquaintance of Bazarov Sitnikov invited them to visit Evdokia Kukshina.

Chapter 13.

Visiting Kukshina they did not like it, because the hostess looked untidy, led useless conversations, asked a lot of questions, but did not expect answers from them. In conversation constantly jumped from subject to subject. During this visit, the name of Anna Sergeevna Odintsova was first pronounced.

Chapter 14.

Arriving at the ball, friends get acquainted with Odintsova, a sweet and attractive woman. She takes interest in Arkady, asking him about everything. He talks about his friend and Anna Sergeyevna invites them to visit.

Odintsova interested Evgeny with his dissimilarity with other women, and he agreed to visit her.

Chapter 15.

Friends come to visit Odintsova. The meeting impressed Bazarov and he, unexpectedly, was embarrassed.

The story of Odintsov makes an impression on the reader. The girl’s father lost and died in the village, leaving two daughters with a ruined estate. Anna did not lose her head and took up farming. I met my future husband and lived with him for 6 years. Then he died, leaving his young wife with his fortune. She did not like urban society and most often lived in an estate.

Bazarov behaved differently than always, which surprised his friend very much. He talked a lot, talked about medicine, botany. Anna Sergeyevna eagerly supported the conversation, as she understood the sciences. She treated Arcadia as a younger brother. At the end of the conversation, she invited young people to her estate.

Chapter 16.

In Nikolsky Arkady and Bazarov met with other inhabitants. Anna’s sister Katya was shy, playing the piano. Anna Sergeevna talked a lot with Eugene, and walked with him in the garden. Arkady, whom she liked seeing her infatuation with a friend, was a little jealous. Between Bazarov and Odintsov, a feeling arose.

Chapter 17.

During his stay at the estate, Bazarov began to change. He fell in love, despite the fact that he considered this feeling a romantic bileberdoy. He could not turn away from her and represented her in his arms. The feeling was mutual, but they did not want to open up to each other.

Bazarov meets the manager of his father, who says that his parents are waiting for him, they are worried. Evgeny reports on his departure. In the evening between Bazar and Anna Sergeevna, a conversation takes place, where they try to understand what each of them wants to receive from life.

Chapter 18.

Bazarov admits Odintsov in love. In response, he hears: “You did not understand me,” and he feels extremely uncomfortable. Anna Sergeevna believes that without Eugene, she will be calmer and does not accept his confession. Bazarov decides to leave.

Chapter 19.

There was an unpleasant conversation between Odintsov and Bazarov. He told her that he was leaving, he could stay only under one condition, but it was an unrealizable and Anna Sergeyevna would never love him.

The next day Arkady and Bazarov leave for Evgeny’s parents. Saying goodbye, Odintsova expresses hope for a meeting. Arkady remarks that a friend has changed a lot.

Chapter 20.

In the house of the senior Bazarov they were received well. The parents were very happy, but knowing that the son does not approve of such a manifestation of feelings, they tried to keep restraint. During dinner, my father told me how he kept housekeeping, and his mother only looked at her son.

After dinner, Eugene refused to talk with his father, citing fatigue. However, he did not fall asleep until morning. In the novel “Fathers and Sons” the description of the relationship between generations is shown better than in other works.

Chapter 21

In the parents’ house Bazarov stayed very little, because he was bored. He believed that by their attention they prevented him from working. Between friends there was a dispute, which almost turned into a quarrel. Arkady tried to prove that this way it is impossible to live, Bazarov did not agree with his opinion.

Parents, learning about the decision to leave Eugene, were very upset, but tried not to show their feelings, especially the father. He reassured his son that once he had to leave, then we must do it. After leaving, the parents were left alone and worried that their son had left them.

Chapter 22.

On the way, Arkady decided to turn into Nikolskoye. The friends met very coldly. Anna Sergeevna did not descend for a long time, and when she appeared, she had a displeased expression on her face and, from her speech, it was clear that they were not welcome.

In the estate of the Kirsanov elders were delighted with them. Bazarov became engaged in wholesale and his frogs. Arkady helped his father manage the estate, but he constantly thought about the Odintsovs. Finally, finding a correspondence between mothers, her and Odintsova, he finds an excuse to go to visit them. Arkady is afraid that he will not be happy, but one was greeted warmly and cordially.

Chapter 23.

Bazarov understands the reason for Arkady’s departure and is completely given to work. He secluded himself and does not argue with the inhabitants of the house anymore. He treats everyone badly, making an exception only for Fenechka.
Once they talked a lot in the arbor, and, having decided to test their thoughts, Bazarov kissed her on the lips. This saw Pavel Petrovich, who, silently, went into the house. Bazarov felt uneasy, his conscience awoke.

Chapter 24.

Pavel Petrovich Kirsanov is offended by Bazarov’s behavior and calls him to a duel. They do not want to confess to the householder for the true reasons and say that they were shot because of political differences. Eugene wounded Kirsanov in the leg.

Having completely ruined their relationship with Kirsanov senior, Bazarov leaves for his parents, but on the way he turns to Nikolskoye.

Arkady is more and more fond of Anna Sergeyevna’s sister, Katya.

Chapter 25.

Katya talks with Arkady and convinces that without the influence of a friend he is completely different, sweet and kind. They try to explain themselves to each other in love, but Arkady, frightened and hurries away. In his room he finds a visiting Bazarov who told him about what happened in Marino in his absence. Having met Odintsov, Bazarov admits his mistakes. They tell each other that they want to remain just friends.

Chapter 26.

Arkady admits Katya in love, asks her hands and she agrees to become his wife. Bazarov says goodbye to his friend, angrily accusing him of not being suitable for decisive matters. Eugene goes to his parents to the estate.

Chapter 27.

While living in the parental home, Bazarov does not know what to do. Then he begins to help his father, heals the sick. By revealing the peasant who died of typhus, he accidentally injures himself and becomes infected with typhus. The fever begins, he asks to be sent for Odintsov. Anna Sergeyevna arrives and sees a completely different person. Before his death, Eugene tells her about her true feelings, and then dies.

Chapter 28.

Six months passed. In one day two weddings were held, Arkady with Katya and Nikolay Petrovich with Fenei. Pavel Petrovich went abroad. Anna Sergeyevna also married, becoming a companion, not for love, but for conviction.

Life continued, and only two old people constantly spent time at the grave of his son, where two fir-trees grew.

This brief retelling of “Fathers and Sons” will help to understand the main idea and essence of the work, for a deeper knowledge, we recommend that you read the full version.

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Summary “Fathers and Sons”