Summary of Don Quixote by Cervantes

Summary of Don Quixote by Cervantes

One man lived in one village of La Mancha. He was about 50 years old, and his appearance was very decrepit. He had almost nothing, and called him either Kohan or Quesada, and it does not matter, because the main thing is that he calls himself Don Quixote and considers himself a knight. And all because he read a lot of books about the knights, and on this basis began to go crazy.

Once he decided to travel. He chose a lady of his heart, as he read about it. She became a certain Dulcinea of ​​Tabos, but in fact she was called Aldonsa Lawrence.

In general, he set out on his journey. After a while he was tired and decided to spend the night in a castle, although it was only an inn. Don Quixote spoke very funny, imagining himself to be a knight and did not want to take off his

helmet in any way, although he interfered with it. And Don Quixote asked the innkeeper to devote him to knights, but before that Don Quixote is obliged to perform a ritual. However, after one driver from the inn contacted the armor of an imaginary knight and Don Quixote struck him, the innkeeper hurried to devote him to knights. Don Quixote went to the side of the house, as he wanted to take money and shirts – this was advised by the owner of the yard. On the way home, Don Quixote saw a man beating a boy. Then he stood up for the cowgirl, and after Don Quixote left, the man beat this boy to death.

While Don Quixote was traveling, the priest and the barber burned his books about the knights. And Don Quixote, in the meantime, offers the farmer Sancho Panse to become his squire, and the guy agrees. In the evening they left the village, on the way they saw windmills. Don Quixote thought that they were giants and began to fight with them, but they won.

This was not the last feat of Don Quixote. Then at the inn he thought that the maid was the daughter of the master of the house in love with him, then he takes the flock of sheep for the enemy’s army. And always he got for it. And Sancho Panza nicknamed him a knight of a sad image. Once the barber wore a pelvis on the head of the pelvis in the rain, so Don Quixote thought it was Mambrin’s helmet, which he so wanted to possess and took it from the barber. And even later, he freed the convicts.

In Sierre-Moren, Sancha is stolen by an ass. They with Don Quixote find a suitcase in which lie poetry, linen and a few coins. The master of the suitcase was a certain mad Cardinho, who had a very confusing love story, in which some Lucinda, Dorothea and Fernando appear. he begins to tell this story, but Don Quixote is arguing with him because Cardenio has not responded badly to Queen Madocima.

Don Quixote writes letters to Dulcine and his niece and sends them along with Sancho Panza. The latter, having come to the village, meets a priest and a barber who, wanting to help Don Quixote, instigates Sancho Panso to say that Don Quixote calls Dulcinea. But Don Quixote does not go to her, because he has not done enough deeds yet. Then the priest and the barber come up with another plan. One of the participants in the history of Cardenio – Dorothea called herself Princess Mikominskaya, she was able to lure Don Quixote into the forest, where he was put in a cage by a priest and a barber.

Don Quixote spent some time at home. His niece took care of him. The priest and the barber who arrived came to think that Don Quixote had recovered, but they were mistaken.

Sancho after those events came home to his wife and promised that next time he would return a big man. He went to Don Quixote and told that the book “Don Quixote” had appeared in the world, which became very popular. Then they secretly leave the village. Samson, the man who told Sancho about the book, advised them to go to Saragossa, where the knight tournament was to take place.

Don Quixote decides from the beginning to go to Dulcine, but it turned out that he not only did not know where she lives, but he did not know what she looked like. Then Sancho Panza, wanting not to reveal the secret about the missing letters and plotting with a barber and a priest shows the first peasants who are caught and says. That one of them is the lady of the knight’s heart. But Don Quixote was disappointed, he thought that she was an unearthly beauty, but it turned out that she was an ordinary ugly woman.

In the forest, Don Quixote and Sancho Panse meet the Knight of the Mirrors, who at Samson’s request tried to entice him home. But alas, the Mirror Knight lost to Don Quixote. Our hero goes further, on the way he decides that he is a Knight of Lions, after he has asked to open a cage with a lion in a passing wagon, and the lion did not even come out.

Then Don Quixote goes to the village, where he attended the wedding. He and Sancho go to the cave of Montesinos, in which Don Quixote descended the rope. After half an hour he was taken out and he began to tell what he saw there, but even Sancho did not believe in these stories.

Then they reached the inn where the monkey prophetess told all about Sancho Panza and Don Quixote, but in fact the person who brought the monkey was Hines de Pagamonshe, who hid from the authorities and knew everything about Sancho and Don Quixote.

Once Don Quixote witnessed the sable hunting of the Duke and the Duchess. It turned out that they read a lot about him. From this very well treated him. Don Quixote was invited to the castle of the Duke. They were amazed at the judiciousness and insanity of Don Quixote and in the mind and simplicity of Sancho, who already believed in all the tales of Don Quixote and even about the enchanted Dulcinea, which in fact was not there. And he believed that in order to spell it, it is necessary that Sancho 3,000 times hit himself with a whip on the bare buttocks. For this the duke promised him an island.

A little later Don Quixote managed to spoil the Countess Tifaldi and her husband Trenbrenio, who were charmed in statues, who came to the castle, and helped the duenyam get rid of beards.

Sancho Panso was given control of the island on land. He was a good governor, he could justifiably judge, but still he did not last long and refused the island, which was called Barataria.

He and Don Quixote leave the castle and go to the inn where they learn about false stories about the adventures of Don Quixote and Sancho Pansavo of the second part of the book Don Quixote. Then our knight can not do it the way it is written in the book. Instead of Sargosi, he goes to Barcelona, ​​participates in a knight tournament, but loses, and no one else wins, like Samson, who demands that Don Quixote return home in the hope of returning the mind.

Returning to his native village, Don Quixote decides to become a shepherd, but soon he fell ill. His mind became clearer and he was no longer Don Quixote, but Alonso Kihano, who cursed knightly novels.

Don Quixote has died, and it happened not at all in chivalry.

Summary of Don Quixote by Cervantes