Summary “Adolescence” of Tolstoy

Nicholas comes to Moscow and feels the changes taking place inside him. He begins to experience not only his emotions, but also for others and their problems. He is very happy that he managed to find the strength to forgive his brother, because they were in a quarrel over a trifle. Nicholas could feel and loss of her grandmother, as her beloved daughter recently died.

He also starts to think about the pleasant twenty-five-year-old beauty Mashenka, and that he begins to be ashamed in the presence of this lady next to him. Citizen Nikola finds himself far from unattractive. Envying Volodya and his external beauty, Nikolenka convinces himself that for a lady, external beauty is not the most important sign for a man. He longs for salvation in his thoughts of living alone, because he believes that this is the only option in his life.

Someone reports to granny that the boys indulge in gunpowder, but, despite the fact that this is a very safe shot of lead, she accuses Karl Ivanovich

of insufficient supervision over the pranks of children. Grandmother begins to strongly insist on changing the tutor to a more responsible one.

Little Nikola is very disappointed by the loss of his tutor, Karl Ivanovich. The new French tutor Nicola takes badly and their relationship is not being refilled from the very beginning. He keeps his teacher, although he does not understand why he does it. He is indignant, why life develops in such a way that the circumstances of life are directed not in his direction.

One day, Nikolenka accidentally breaks the key to her father’s portfolio, and this incident takes him out completely. Nicholas is very upset and he has a feeling that everyone deliberately conspired and took up arms against him. He beats the tutor and tells his family that everything around him is ugly and disgusting. He is punished, locked in a closet, and explains that if he continues to behave like this, he will be beaten with rods. Nicholas feels very humiliated, and as soon as he begins to apologize to his father, an episode of convulsions occurs with him.

The relatives worry

about Nikolin’s health, but after he slept for twelve hours, he gets better. After all the incidents, little Nikola feels very lonely, and it gives him pleasure only to reflect on life in isolation with himself.

Николенька notices about some strange relations between Masha and Vasily. He can not understand how such a rude relationship is called love. He constantly reflects on everything that is happening, but he is very scared by new discoveries.

The elder brother of Volodya leaves for university, and Nikola is very envious of him. Николенька sees changes in relatives: notices, that his father shows to children special tenderness and that the sister and the brother became any strange.

Grandmother dies, and talk about the inheritance grieve Nicolas. Here comes the day when Nicola himself crosses the threshold of the university. He diligently studies various subjects. Trying to get rid of the problems of adolescence, he realizes that his love to dream to anything good will not lead to him, but only will give him much grief.

Nikola begins to engage in his own education, to get rid of this addiction. Volodya communicates with his comrades adjutant Dubkov and Prince Nekhlyudov. The time that Nikola spends with Dmitry Nekhlyudov, everything is increasing, and they gradually become best friends. Nichole seems that their souls are very similar. According to Dmitry’s instructions, Nikolenka forces herself to improve, so that the world will become better. Such thoughts lead him to the fact that he becomes young.

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Summary “Adolescence” of Tolstoy