A brief summary of A. Tvardovsky’s poem “Vasily Terkin”

The main character of the poem is Vasily Terkin. It’s a guy at least where he can stand up for himself and the eater is excellent. Terkin is a veteran fighter. This is his second war, the first was Finnish.

Terkin is talking about that old war. He remembers how one day his squad stopped at the commander’s house, as his wife fed everyone. And then they went on, but she stayed. With sadness, Terkin remembers about this, he knows that it is not easy for her to feed herself either. And she gave the last.

One of the most famous chapters in the poem is “The Crossing”. There is a ferry across the icy river. The Germans are bombing the bridge. On the other side, only one detachment was able to move. Others are waiting on the beach in confusion. But what is this? The soldiers notice some movement on the river. Is this someone from yesterday’s surfaced? Is it a log? But no! This Vasily Terkin swam to the other shore to inform that the ferry can be restored,

if only to support the fire from this shore.

Terkin receives the assignment to establish communication. Despite everything, he is laying the wire. A shell is bursting near him. But he boldly stands right next to the funnel. Terkin finds a dugout made by German soldiers. Hides there, and at this time on the dug-out they begin to beat their own. Terkin kills a German, but he manages to wound him.

Terkin talks about rewards. He is not proud, he does not need the order, he agrees and to the medal.

Terkin was taken to the hospital. After lying down there, he tries to catch up with his company. Along the way, Terkin meets the convoy of transport. He begs the soldiers for the accordion. Reluctantly give him the instrument: the accordion belonged to the deceased their commander. Terkin begins to play. The dance begins with music. Someone from the soldiers remembers, how they delivered him, wounded, to the hospital. Satisfied with the spiritual game of Terkin, the tankmen give him the accordion.

Terkin is visiting his old grandfather and grandmother. He repairs the saw and the clock. For a good

deed and for the kind disposition grandmother treats Terkin hidden fat.

The fighter is annoyed that he lost his pouch. Terkin hears these complaints of the soldier. Suddenly, he remembers how the nurse girl gave him her hat when he lost his. Then Terkin gives his pouch, saying:

Survive a misfortune, a rupture,
In a fist to hold tobacco.
But Russia, mother-old woman,
We can not lose in any way.

In a difficult battle, Terkin overcomes a German, and returning from reconnaissance, he also leads a captive with him.

The next episode – Terkin knocks down an enemy aircraft. While all the other soldiers are lying on the ground, Terkin boldly rises and scorches from the rifle. For this feat he is given an order.

Terkin begins to yearn for the house. On these sad memories, he is led by a boy whom he saw in the hospital. This is a very young soldier who managed to become a hero. So Terkin wanted to become a hero.

They wanted to let Terkin go home, even stay home. Yes, his village is still in the hands of the Germans. It remains only to wait.

And yet they send the hero to rest for a week. But only one day Terkin survived.

His platoon leads into the attack on the village a passionate lieutenant. But they kill him, then Terkin takes charge of himself. After the capture of the village, Terkina is found severely wounded. And it seems to him that death itself persuades him to surrender. But Terkin struggles to the last. He is found and is referred to the Sanbat.

Terkin soon returns to his company. But what is this? In the company there was another Turkin, not Vasily, but Ivan. There is a dispute about who Terkin really is. And only the commander solves the problem – each company “will be given his own Terkin.”

The path of his company lies just in the village where the grandfather and grandmother lived. The old men had to move to the cellar, and the clock that Terkin repaired, the Germans took away and took with them. Terkin promises to bring new ones, but not from anywhere – from Berlin itself.

There is an offensive. Terkin is not far from his native village. But he himself can not be liberated personally. But Terkin is already so glad that he is no longer a prisoner in his captivity, but remains in the rear. Drive the enemy back home.

Terkin remembers the orphaned soldier who returned to the ruined house, his relatives were killed. Bitter will be his victory.

The last episode is a bath, somewhere in the depths of Germany. Russian soldiers are steaming in it. And among them there is a particularly distinguished guy, a lot on the body of his scars, a lot on the tunic of medals and orders. And the word does not fit into his pocket. That’s why they say about him: “It’s like Terkin.”

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A brief summary of A. Tvardovsky’s poem “Vasily Terkin”