Successful day off

Successful day off

Sunday we try to hold interesting. You are looking forward to the day off with impatience. So it was last week.

It was early morning, the sun had not yet risen. My grandfather and I walked along the damp grass to the pond hidden in the dense fog.

The first ray of sun had not yet dawned on the sky, as in our cage we were already fluttering with half a dozen silver carp. You rejoice in this, and the excitement is growing.

The cleavers were excellent, the carp beads were flat, with a little more palm. Once again the float on my fishing rod led to the side. I took hold of the rod, but I could hardly hold it, and the line was stretched like a string. Grandfather came up with a loader, and we took great pains to the shore with a great deal of money. Hefty!

The sun had already rolled out to the sky and the mist had scattered its hot rays.

With a fish-filled cage, we cheerfully returned home. I was incredibly happy, looking at the handsome giant I had caught.

Yes, fishing was successful! This is remembered for a long time. You sit at home in winter and remember such wonderful summer days.

Successful day off