Minerals of South America

The wealth and diversity of minerals in South America are due to the structure of the earth’s crust. Their origin and location is associated with tectonic structures, the activities of the internal and external forces of the Earth.

In the folded areas and shields of the ancient platforms, mainly find ore minerals of igneous origin. So, the introduction of magma but the fault lines in the Andes formed significant deposits of copper, tin, lead and zinc ores. There is gold, platinum, silver. It is not by chance in the Inca language that the word “Andes” means “copper”. The activity of numerous volcanoes in the Andes has also led to the formation of sulfur deposits, mainly in Chile. In Colombia there are well-known emeralds around the world.

On the shores of the Pacific Ocean, large deposits of natural ammonium nitrate were formed in places of bird bazaars.

On the Brazilian and Guiana Plateau, large deposits of iron ore have been found, the deposits of which are associated with the outcrops of the ancient crystalline rocks of the platform. Here, large deposits of manganese and nickel ores, bauxites were found.

In the basins and troughs of the platform, covered with a cover of sedimentary rocks, there are deposits of oil and natural gas. Their main reserves are in the north and in the central part of the continent.

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Minerals of South America