Mark Twain’s biography

Mark Twain is an American writer, public figure.

Born in Florida, Missouri on November 30, 1835. The first literary works, small articles, in the biography of Mark Twain were written after 1847. Then after the death of his father, Sam’s brother began to publish a newspaper.

Before the Civil War served as a pilot, and in 1861 moved to the west. There he worked as a prospector, mined silver. Then Sam began to work in the newspaper, where he first signed as Mark Twain.

In 1865, after the spread of the humorous story of Mark Twain across the country, the first success came to him. The following year, he was sent on a business trip to Hawaii. Letters, in which he undertook to describe his journey, also had great success with readers. In 1867, Twain made another journey – to Europe. Upon his return to the book “The Innocents Abroad” his letters were published. The next creative stage in the biography of Mark Twain was the criticism of American politicians in the form of satire.

However, the most famous is the writer Mark Twain thanks to the “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”. Being an active public figure, Twain showed in his works the shortcomings of society and power. This was the reason for the prohibitions of certain publications. An outstanding writer died on 21 April 1910 from angina pectoris.

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Mark Twain’s biography