“Is it all about money?”

In the novel “Gobsek” Balzac showed the spiritual essence of the modern author of society. According to the protagonist, “on earth there is nothing lasting, but gold.” Indeed, the bourgeois epoch exalted money, believing in their power, in the evil power of money. The main hero of the story devoted his entire life to their accumulation. He unhappily sacrificed the “golden calf” all the other joys of life, squandered all the forces of his soul to become one of those who “owns the world.”

Solicitor Derville, reflecting on the fate of his neighbor Gobsak, reflects on the values ​​of life: “Is it all about money?”

There is no direct answer to the question in the story, but there are facts that prove that money is not always the first place in a person’s life.

For example, for Dervil himself, money is only a means to achieve other goals: the opportunity to do what you love, to live with dignity. But

“to humble for money is not worth it,” – concludes the solicitor. After all, for money you still can not buy many things: health, friendship, loyalty and devotion, love.

In the story is an example of love, which is based only on money. It does not bring happiness to Anastasi de Rest and Maxim de Thray. As soon as the money runs out, Anasthesi is afraid of losing Maxim. Being humiliated before Gobsekom, she buys to itself the next portion of happiness.

Derville and Fanny Malvo were happy, not having wealth. And conscientiously performing their duties for Dervil himself was more important than money. He gained respect in the society as an honest lawyer, who can be trusted with money and people’s destinies.

Or let’s take Gobsak. Having accumulated millions, he did not even think that someone could take possession of his wealth even after his death. Gobsek still bequeaths his wealth to a distant relative, who, most likely, will quickly squander his fortune. Apparently, the feeling of compassion, longing for the native man, even in Hobsak, overcame before his death a passion for gain.

And this is already a good reason to doubt the philosophy of Hobsak and continue the thinking of Derville: “No, it’s not all about money, it’s an essential part of our life, but it’s far from the main thing.”

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“Is it all about money?”